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Heavy-Duty Lifting and Moving Equipment


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EAO – Your Expert Partner for Human Machine Interfaces Heavy-Duty Lifting and Moving Equipment HMI Systems and Components

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Lifting and Moving Machinery controls from a leading human machine interface manufacturer EAO developed the world’s first illuminated pushbutton in 1958. It became a cornerstone of the company’s future and quickly set the standard for an entire industry. Since then, EAO has developed into a world-leading expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). Through experience and innovation, it now designs, manufactures and distributes one of the broadest ranges of high-reliability HMI components. These strengths have led it to the forefront of HMI system design. Many of the world’s top...

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HMI Component Manufacturing Expertise Proven Industrial Experience EAO manufactures one of the world’s largest ranges of rugged pushbuttons, indicators, emergency-stops, keylocks, lever, selector and rotary switches, all to the highest of Swiss standards. With their undisputed reliability, robust design and oil/watertight qualities, wide choice of mounting sizes and excellent tactile response, these components form a solid base for effective HMI systems. The starting point for a successful human machine interface is a thorough understanding of the user application and operating environment....

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HMI Technology Bringing expert interface design to every project Modern lifting and moving machinery needs advanced control panels. Pushbuttons, joysticks and stop switches now share the same interface with data displays delivering real-time information. With an ever-increasing pool of technology, a new approach and understanding of HMI design and interaction is needed. EAO thoroughly examines the technical, environmental and commercial specifications of each project, applying the most appropriate technology to create highly usable interfaces. Examples include: ■■ Simple pushbutton controls...

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Displays & Touchscreens Rapid Prototyping Rugged pushbuttons, selectors, keylocks, lever switches, emergency-stops, membranes and tact switches. Protective shrouds, flip guards and silicon covers. Rugged displays with touchscreen interfaces and software. Design becomes reality through rapid solid modelling using 3D printing and stereolithography. Positioning Devices Illumination & Legends Rubberised joysticks, paddles, wheels or any other device - trackballs, rotary switches and optical encoders. J1939 and CAN bus modules and drivers for vehicle interfaces. Other bus types available, e.g....

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Application Engineering Meeting the individual needs of this demanding industry EAO understands that every operating environment provides a unique set of challenges. It will tailor a solution to the precise application requirements, whether it’s construction cranes or warehouse robotics, heavy duty vehicles, gantry cranes or forklifts. For harsh environments, EAO develops rugged controls which are water- and oil-proof, impact resistant and easy to clean. Special attention is paid to ergonomic design and functional ease, particularly in changing light and environmental conditions, and for...

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Cranes Radio remotes are a primary form of control on today’s construction cranes. Operators can see the load moving in real time and get a corresponding display. They are typically compact, shock resistant and lightweight. Scissor and Aerial Lifts Fixed control units typically feature large rubberised joysticks/positioning paddles alongside oil and watertight pushbuttons. Special attention is paid to functional ease of use for gloved operators and visibility in changeable light conditions.

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Forklifts Modern forklift operator panels often feature data-entry key-logging keypads and membrane controls. They typically have embedded interfaces that link them with the larger system through serial communications. Container Lifting (airport/freight) Container handling is an important industry, particularly at airports and transport hubs. Operator controls are used inside and outside the vehicles. EAO designs intuitive and easy to use controls, ensuring the containers are placed in the most precise, safe and efficient manner.

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Heavy-Duty Vehicles Heavy-duty vehicles require combination interfaces - resistant, non-tactile keypads inside with rubberised side-of-vehicle control panels. Special attention is paid to ergonomics, visibility in changeable light conditions, and functional ease of use for gloved operators. Portable Wireless Controls These controls allow the operator to freely move around the crane, maintaining load visibility at all times. Units must be light, comfortable to wear, and very durable. Wireless technology is a normal requirement.

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Comprehensive Services From concept to delivery, EAO is the expert partner for human machine interfaces A partnership with EAO offers global expertise in the following areas: ­ ■■ HMI system design and layout that is functional and intuitive. Knowledge of all safety, ergonomic, industry, and international standards. Modern design-to-manufacturing methods such as 3D CAD/CAM/CAE (Solid Edge, AutoCAD, Pro/ENGINEER and SolidWorks). Rapid prototyping techniques for plastic components and short-run PCBs. On-board microcontrollers, real-time operating systems, encryption technology and Serial Bus...

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EAO reserves the right to alter specifications without further notice

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