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Signalling for your safety Company overview warning signals

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E2S is the world’s leading independent warning signals manufacturer with over 20 years of engineering expertise. Our worldwide approved products combine the latest technology with top industrial design and build quality to deliver signals you can depend on. Working together with system integrators, engineers and end users we constantly innovate to develop the most comprehensive range of signalling products with substantial benets such as ease of interface, quick installation, exible customisation and reliable performance. This is why our clients around the world trust E2S to protect their...

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Company Overview - 4

First to innovate. Fast to deliver. Engineering excellence. From design to approval. We work closely with a wide range of industries to understand their specic needs and by sharing best practise, we are able to develop products that exceed expectations. Our signalling and control devices benet hugely from rapid advances in technology, particularly when combined with our engineering expertise. Using the best technology and our long experience of interpreting industry needs, we lead the market with signalling rsts such as our state-of-the-art Hootronic and Appello sounders. For demanding...

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Company Overview - 5

We know your application and project depends on our approvals We devote signicant resources to make sure our signalling and control devices have passed the most rigorous tests. Our in-house testing facilities include an anechoic chamber for sound measurements, spectrometer for light analysis, environmental test chamber as well as an EMC test facility. These, together with our investment in worldwide approvals gives you the reassurance you have done everything possible to reduce risk, meet your statutory demands, and stay safe. You can nd the details of our latest product approvals and the...

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Company Overview - 6

Hazardous Area Signalling Our comprehensive range of intrinsically safe, explosion and ameproof and non-sparking signalling devices for hazardous areas provide users with condence they can protect these zones to the highest possible standards. This is why E2S products are widely used in the oil and gas industry, mining, pharmaceuticals, mills, our silos and other applications where potentially explosive atmospheres exist. Our devices are designed for areas where concentrations of ammable gases, vapours or dusts occur and are approved to global standards as dened by, amongst others, IECEx,...

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Company Overview - 7

Our BEx explosion proof range has worldwide approvals for beacons, sounders, combination devices, unique radial horn and manual call points.

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Company Overview - 8

Our corrosion proof GNEx (GRP) sounders and call points are ideal for on and oshore applications and harsh environments. Our E2x and D2x ranges of non-sparking sounders, beacons and loudspeakers provide a robust yet cost-eective signalling solution.

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Company Overview - 9

Our IS range of intrinsically safe sounders, beacons, combination units, manual call points and panel mount status lights and buzzers are ideal for group II Zone 0 and group I mining uses.

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Company Overview - 10

Fire and Industrial Signalling This extensive range of audible and visual signalling is designed for wider use in industrial and commercial applications. We can tailor performance and features to suit your specic industry needs. You can choose from a variety of design, function, and technology for your particular environment. Our Hootronic signals give you an innovative alternative to traditional mechanical devices while the Appello user recordable horns set the standard for audible clarity and output. Innovative Appello tone & voice alarm sounders come in a range of enclosures and they can...

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Company Overview - 11

The Spectra range of visual signalling includes Xenon, L.E.D., Halogen, incandescent and lament lamps with a range of functions. The products in the M range have been designed to withstand the harshest of environments and are third party tested to IP66 & IP67. Powerful sounders and bright beacons present an ideal signalling solution for heavy duty industrial and marine environments.

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Company Overview - 12

Our AlertAlight and SpectrAlarm ranges oer extensive combinations of audible and visual signals providing exibility and cost savings in installation and application. The Spectra range also includes trac light indicators and electronic trumpet horns for machine safety and general signalling applications.

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Company Overview - 13

Establishing a new standard, the Hootronic sounders outperform traditional mechanical devices and can faithfully reproduce these familiar sounds with zero maintenance.

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Company Overview - 14

Wide Area Signalling Our disaster and wide area sounders are lightweight, continuously rated devices designed for industrial sites, quarries, agricultural sites, COMAH sites and sites subject to the Seveso II directive. They are ideally suited for installations that need battery back-up. We can also supply them with full telemetry systems. Our A131 disaster warning, high-output electronic sirens are compact and easy to install. Options on the new generation A141 high-output electronic sounders include radio control and battery back-up with up to 30 minutes of alarm. Our A151 series oers up...

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Company Overview - 15

The A141 is a new generation high output electronic sounder. The standard product oers 45 alarm tones and 3 stages and is also capable of replicating the traditional sounds of bells, buzzers, sirens and claxons using digital recordings of these products. This enables familiar sounds to be played with increased reliability. Options include radio control and battery back-up with up to 30 minutes of alarm. The A131 disaster warning siren makes a perfect plant alarm for outdoor locations or areas with high background noise. It can be congured with an array of up to four speakers.

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Company Overview - 16

The K-SML range of motor driven sirens provides a powerful low frequency 'air raid' type of sound, ideal for covering long distances and it is instantly recognisable. The sirens can produce up to 3 distinct warning tones and they have a variety of control options to suit customer requirements.

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Company Overview - 17

The A151 horn system has an output of up to 150dB(A) in both omnidirectional and directional speaker arrays that can be congured into complete systems. You can control the arrays by LCD panel or a software solution, via RS232/485, TCP/IP or radio control (VHF, UHF and Tetra). The sirens have built in fault diagnostic for increased reliability.

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