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BExCP3A-BG/BExCP3B-BG Break Glass Call Point


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BExCP3A-BG/BExCP3B-BG Break Glass Call Point - 1

Break Glass Call Point The BEx range features enclosures manufactured from corrosion proof, marine grade, copper free LM6 (A413) aluminium which is phosphated and powder coated. 78.4mm [3.09 in.] Lift Flap: Duty Label: NL: No Label (default) DL: Duty Label Specify content when ordering Nominal Voltage: EOL Resistor: Series Resistor: The BExCP3A-BG and BExCP3B-BG break glass manual call points are approved for Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous areas for the control of re and gas alarm systems. Available with and without monitoring resistors all versions are certied to ATEX and IECEx standards. Part Codes: 1-24-070 Explosion/ame proof: Manual Alarm Call Points 48V / 24V / 12V / 6V System Voltage only required on BExCP3B version Cable entries: Housing material: Marine grade copper free LM6 Aluminium Housing finish: Phosphated & powder coated finish: anti-corrosion. RAL3000 Red (others available on request) Monitoring Resistors: No Terminals: Ingress protection: Switch rating: RD: Red Contact sales for other colour options ExxxR: xxx Res. value e.g.: E470R Only available on BExCP3B version SxxxR: xxx: Res. value e.g.: S2K2R Only available on BExCP3B version e.g. BEx-CP3A-BG-ST-LF-NL-RD : BEx-CP3A Break glass call point with standard terminals, lift ap and no duty label. Red housing e.g. BEx-CP3B-BG-DR-NF-NL-RD-24V-E470R : BEx-CP3B Break glass call point with DIN rail terminals, no lift ap, no duty label, 24V supply voltage with a 470 Ohm end of line resistor. Red housing. Cable entries: 2 x M20 clearance top and 1 x M20 clearance side. Back box can be rotated to give 2 x bottom and 1 x side entries. Stopping plugs: 2 x Ex e nylon plugs as standard Brass and stainless steel plugs optional Switch rating: Cable entries: • ATEX certicate: Sira 09ATEX3286X, IEC 60079-0:2007 Ed 5, EN 60079-1:2004, EN 60079-7:2007, IEC 60079-18:2009 Ed 3, EN 61241-1:2004 • IECEx certicate: IECEx SIR 09.0121X, IEC 60079-0:2007-10 Edition: 5, IEC 60079-1:2003 Edition: 5, IEC 60079-18:2009 Edition: 3, IEC 60079-7:2006-07 Edition: 4, IEC 61241-1:2004 Edition: 1 Monitoring Resistors: No Terminals: • Alternative housing colours are available to meet specic requirements. • DIN rail mounted terminal blocks: 8 x 2.5mm² • Stainless Steel lift ap • Metalised Polyester “Duty” label. • Series and/or End of Line resistors. Nominal Voltage: • GOST-R certificate: POCC GB.JB05.B03365 • Complies with design requirements of EN54-11

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