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ZOLLER :TWARE SOLUTIONS The ZOLLER Tool Identification Code expect great measures

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Simple, Fast, and Secure – »zidCode« The efficient solution for tool identification and data transmission: The »zidCode« identification code developed by ZOLLER requires no network connection, instead transmitting data for complete tools conveniently via QR code. The process is exceptionally simple: Tools are measured using your ZOLLER presetter and measuring machine as usual. Then all data is encrypted in a QR code and printed on a label. This QR code only needs to be scanned with the reader to automatically enter the data into the appropriate fields on the CNC machine controls. Manual...

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»zidCode« – Keep Your Tool Data Under Control! It’s So Simple Set | Measure | Save Set and measure tools on the ZOLLER presetter and measuring machine Print the QR Code Print actual tool data on the label, including the QR code Scan »zidCode« Scan »zidCode« label with QR code on the CNC machine, and the actual tool data is automatically entered into the correct fields on the controls of the CNC machine Load Tool Tool can be physically loaded into the CNC

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Secure and Efficient Processes Quickly Read in 100% Correct Data With the ZOLLER »zidCode«, you can save 45% of the time* spent manually entering actual tool data into the machine controls. Input errors are also completely eliminated at the same time – doing away with time-consuming follow-up work and increasing process security. Example of Data Input for 6 Tools: 45 % Time savings In Addition, You Will Benefit From: ——  More flexible conversions ——  Networkless transmission —— Variable use on all machine tool types * ime savings based on tool data input into the machine controls. To...

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ur-Inapt Ifl Hail** l "■W L >r4 ml 111 Wilriiir Wliiwi rtini.tMf' ^f iT*ai h-*rra- •IN. GuTC **•»** Daur- t*J> Sl%KH le? t #■ . .npf *1_C-Uar« N Quick, simple tool identification for securely and automatically transfer ring tool data

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such as Heidenhain, Fanuc, Siemens Tool master data Identification number Tool type Point angle Tool recognition Tool size Remaining lifetime Duplo number Warning limit Change speed Cutting edge radius Difference of rotation center (Y) Requirements — CNC machine (control) with USB connection, which recognizes an external USB keyboard and can simulate data input with this keyboard — ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine with »pilot 3.0« or »pilot 2 mT« image processing version or higher, or »pilot 1.0« image processing version or higher and thermo-label printer Scope...

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