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Universal tool measuring machine

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The s o l u t ZO L L E R ion f o r yo ur Universal measuring machine for cutting tools genius 3/pilot 3.0 to o l grind ing a sharp nd ening busin ess!

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The universal measuring machine »genius 3« There are various measuring machines for metal cutting tools, but only one ZOLLER »genius 3«. This unique universal measuring machine gives you an excellent return on investment as it saves you valuable time during work preparation and programming by preventing troublesome rework and customer complaints. On top of that, it ensures quality results that convince both you and your customers. See for yourself – you will be inspired. ZOLLER »genius 3« is the universal measuring machine for metal cutting tools. From rapid testing of individual criteria...

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Compact structure and low space requirement Total encasement to prevent dust and extraneous light Dimensionally stable design elements and high-tech materials for high stability and optimum suitability for use under pro- duction conditions, even without a climate-controlled room »pilot 3.0« electronics and software 5-axis CNC control unit and manual axis adjustment for quick spot checks Fully automatic measuring cycle 17" TFT color display with touch-screen operation Brand-name products such as Bosch pneumatics, Heidenhain measuring systems, THK guide systems and many others Sony cameras...

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Swiveling device and accessories Innovative technology and ergonomie operation Speed and comfort during the testing and measuring process translates into pure profit every day in the form of a considerable increase in productivity and motivated, efficient employees. ZOLLER strives to make machine operation as simple and ergonomie as possible and to create the optimum basis for a fully automatic measuring cycle. Storage shelf ZOLLER »Cockpit« Space-saving and easily accessible trays for accessories such as changeable sleeves, adapters and tool posts. Adjustable control center for ergonomie...

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Universal tool holding fixture Rapid changing guaranteed ZOLLER measures everything – and clamps everything, whether steep or hollow shank taper, Sandvik-Capto or Kennametal. From the smallest to the largest shank, from diameters of 3 to 32 mm. The comprehensive ZOLLER system measures any type of tool and is adaptable to the most recent developments in the ZOLLER tool posts are as quick, convenient and reliable to change market, even in the future. So the matching tool posts are always available, regardless of which tools you as tools – and just as accurate. The beautifully simple principle...

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ZOLLER «pilot 3.0« software highlights: ■ »elephant« technology, measure ground tools - automati- cally, without programming time ■ »expert« measuring program generator - measure tools in transmitted and incident light, in the chip space, at ■ Measurement of contours, radii, angles, distances, wear, chamfer width, and many more. ■ Fully automatic edge determination ■ Determine profiles in incident light in any desired manner ■ Image archiving and software zoom ■ Define and create automatic measuring sequences flexibly ■ Concentricity and wobble compensation ■ Scan any desired rotationally...

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ZOLLER »elephant« Extremely easy to operate This unique technology is now also available for »genius 3«. With this software, any employee can measure up to 52 different parameters of any standard tool fully automatically without any training time. It's as simple as this: 1. Insert tools in »genius 3« and clamp them at the push of a button 2. Start »elephant« technology 3. Select tool type from the overview on screen 4. Start fully automatic measurement cycle All measurement sequences can be saved, adapted as required and repeated for each tool. Select menu for measuring at the end:...

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From practice Application examples Step measurement with »sinope« automatically generated drawing Automatic nominal/actual comparison between DXF and tolerance band with »lasso« »contur« radius measurement with segment-by- segment graphical evaluation Axial incident light measurement of face geometry with »metis« for any desired parameter Detailed check with zoom and color display of tolerance exceptions with »lasso« Dimensioning with capture function or automa- tically from dimensioned DXF nominal contour with »lasso« Grinding wheels Measure and transfer data at the push of a button For...

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Seamless documentary proof thanks to test reports Meaningful documentation is the best way to show your customers how the delivered tools have been sharpened or manufactured. In the event of a complaint, the test reports can be used to prove that the goods are in order. Free deliveries of replacement tools or even disagreements with the customer are ruled out, your company's reputation is beyond any doubt. Can there be any better reasons for seamless documentation? The quality of the precision tools delivered is critical for your customers. Proving this quality is critical for you: Because...

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ZOLLER interfaces For smooth operations Interfaces are a prerequisite for paperless and process-reliable production in the grinding and sharpening business. How helpful it is that ZOLLER interfaces to grinding machine controls allow precisely ZOLLER interfaces open up whole new worlds of saving potential to you: With the grinding program, the this kind of automation! data set for »genius 3« is generated and the fully automatic measuring cycle is produced. The measured data is then transferred back to the programming system or grinding machine, depending on the type of interface, and the...

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Over 50 measurable parameters:* Re-sharpening/re-engineering | Measuring an unknown and worn tool Outer contour Cut-out length ZOLLER »genius 3« with »elephant« Programming system CNC grinding machine(s) Cut-out angle Diameter Corner radius Drop Chamfer width ‫ݗ‬ ‫ݘ‬ Transfer of measured values Chamfer length NC program Chamfer angle Axial chamfer width Radial chamfer width Flank face difference ‫ݙ‬ Axial clearance angle 1 + 2 Tools Radial clearance angle 1 + 2 Relief diameter ‫ ݗ‬Pattern recognition of unknown tools A worn tool is measured and scanned fully automatically with the ZOLLER...

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