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EGM CNC˙Printed inIn Taiwan. E1. 05/2018. En EGM CNC. Printed Taiwan˙E4˙12/2020˙en CNC Precision Hybrid Precison Hybrid ID & OD Grinder USA 6435 Alondra Blvd, Paramount, 6435 Alondra Blvd, Paramount, CA.90723 CA.90723 E-mail : E-mail : TEL : (562) 220-1675 TEL : (562) 220-1675 Asian Operation Center No.36,Ln.686,Sec.4,Changping Rd., No.36,Ln.686,Sec.4,Changping Rd., Daya Dist.,Taichung City 428 Daya Dist.,Taichung City 428 Taiwan(R.O.C) Taiwan(R.O.C) E-mail : E-mail : TEL : 886-425686418 TEL : 886-425686418 WEB:

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EGM - 2

EGM / EGI series CNC Precision Hybrid ID & OD Grinder EGM350 CNC Hybrid precision grinder equips with X, Z, Y three axes slides and dual grinding spindles. It is specially designed to keep up with the growing demand for extremely high precision parts. Features EGM350 series CNC control systems are available for MITSUBISHI* or FANUC** control. It also can be operated with graphic conversational programming (Option) Therefore, it eliminates the need for G-code programing, and is easy to learn and use for grinding operation even for beginners. (*MITSUBISHI M80 with touch screen / **FANUC...

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EGM - 3

Complete one piece cartridge spindle can avoid the eccentricity of spindle housing and reduces the thermal growth, thus increase spindle life. Machine incorporates roller type linear guide ways for X/Z/Y axes for high dynamic rigidity and better loading capacity. This drastically increases the grinding accuracy The spindle head design places the center of gravity at the rear portion to help balancing the whole spindle mechanism to increase spindle accuracy and loading capacity. C1 grade precision ball screw with large leading pitch is used to achieve high accuracy. Spindle driven by servo...

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EGM - 4

Operation set-up through simple graphic display icons for easy learning progress. Edit/Execute File Management Former Page Grinding Mode Selection Machine Positoning & Situation Display Grinding Wheel Dressing With the iGrind high speed box type dressing function, the operator just have to input the necessary parameters for the dresser and the geometric data of the profile to create the optimal dressing path. Thus, it drastically reduces the wheel dressing time. Intelligence Sequence Selection Sequence Setting: Select GW options & grinding modes Axial Compensation Selection Grinding mode...

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EGM - 5

Grinding Example Grinding wheel spindle specification Grinding Wheel ID auto. gauging device Suitable Inner Diameter Grease Type Suitable Inner Diameter Parts Name: Material :SCM415(JIS) Workpiece dimension : φ90x45xφ35mm Grinding application : 0.25mm/60 sec. Hardness : HRC55°±2° Standard Accessories: Control system: Mitsubishi M80 or FANUC 0i-TF with 10.4” screen 4-color indication signal light Three-direction dresser stand x 1 set, diamond dresser x 3 pcs Levelling bolts and blocks Wheel spindle surface detecting & crash control system (current indicator) Tools & tool box Grinding wheel...

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EGM - 6

Specification : EGM & EGI Series Model Swing over workhead Single feeding wheelhead Dual indenpendent wheelhead Swiveling angle range Manual travel distance (toward Z axis) Spindle speed Servo motor rated power Swing over workhead Dual indenpendent wheelhead Dual indenpendent wheelhead Swiveling angle range Manual travel distance (toward Z axis) Spindle speed Servo motor rated power Grinding wheelhead OD grinding wheel size Grinding wheelhead OD grinding wheel size ID grinding wheel size ID grinding wheel size ID grinding wheel size End-Surface grinding spindle (Opt.Z2) Spindle motor/ max....

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