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Power Distribution System SVS20 Description The power distribution system SVS20 for rail mounting distributes the current supplied by a DC 24 V switch-mode power supply to 8 channels and selectively protects the connected loads by means of the inserted circuit breakers. With a max. load current of 8 A per channel and a max. total current of 40 A the SVS20 provides ease of wiring in short-circuit limited DC 24 V applications. Eight protected “L+” load outputs per channel and 35 minus terminals help to reduce wiring time significantly. Suitable for the following circuit breaker types: Electronic circuit breaker Electronic circuit protector Technical data (Tamb = 25 C, UB = DC 24 V) Systematic integration of protection and distribution functions Power distribution and selective protection of DC 24 V load circuits all-in-one Clear distribution and wiring concept Significant reduction of wiring time Ease of planning, design and installation Ease of maintenance, diagnostics and system extension Compact power distribution for compact control cabinets Additional integral minus terminals External loop-in facilities between load output terminal (L) and (1) per channel Signal contact can be arranged in groups: F1…F4 = gr. 1, F5…F8 = gr. 2 possible Application Modular power distribution system for short circuit limited DC 24 V applications Supply Voltage rating Total current 3 x 2 screwless terminals max. 10 mm2, for power supplies loop-through integral, for wiring max. cable cross section without/ with wire end ferrule 0,25 – 10 mm2 stripping length 12 mm Ordering information Type SVS20 Power distribution system for ESS20-003, ESX10-103 l For short-circuit limited DC 24 V applications l Max. 40 A continuous load l One integral circuit breaker (CB1): overcurrent protection for split-group and group signalling, LED flashing red after trip of CB1 l Including 8 insulated wire bridges Y 303 881 08 between L and 1 fitted l Including 1 insulated wire bridge Y 303 881 08 l Accessories: jumpers SB-11-P1-01-1-1A (for free channels), order separately Version, max. number of circuit breakers on the system circuit breakers (F1...F8) 08 8 Fitting variant, load output / minus and signalling terminals B10 Standard: completely fitted with plug-in type screwless terminals (max. 2,5mm2, without wire end ferrule) Minus terminals K01 35 minus terminals Special version SB01 marked terminals with supply terminals +/+/+/-/-/- load output terminals L/1/2/3/4//5/6/7/8/9 minus- / signal terminals 1/2/3/4/5 F-positions 8 positions for circuit breakers, prepared for types ESS20-003, ESX10-103 U1-potential / F1...F8 = terminals X1...X8 Plug jumper SB-11-P1-01-1-1A into free positions (order separately, see accessories) Load outputs per channel Voltage rating max. 8 A per terminal block / position 10 x L/1/2/3/4//5/6/7/8/9 protected per position F1...F8 led out to terminals X1...X8 screwless terminals max. 2.5 mm2 External loop-in facilities between load output terminal (L) and (1) per channel delivery status: load output terminal (L) and (1), bridged with “jumper insulated“ Minus terminals Voltage rating 5-pole terminals X22…X28 (total 35 minus terminals) screwless terminals max. 2.5 mm2 max. (cable cross section) without/with wire end ferrule 0.25 – 10 mm2 stripped length 10 mm SVS20 - 08 - B10-K01-SB01 ordering example Accessories: jumper and wire bridge see page “Accessories” 1) When connected in series and mounted side-by-side, circuit breakers type ESS20, ESX10, rated 10 A can only carry 80 % rated load.

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Power Distribution System SVS20 Technical data (Tamb = 25 C, UB = DC 24 V) Reference notes Voltage rating Total current Signal terminal X31 for group or split-group signal The power distribution system must be installed by qualified personnel only. l Only after expert installation may the assembly be connected to a power supply. l The assembly is only suitable for use at safety extra-low voltage (DC 24 V). l Connection to higher or not reliably disconnected voltages may be hazardous or cause damage. l The max. total current of the SVS09 system must not be exceeded. l In each load circuit...

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Power Distribution System SVS20 Wiring example: SVS20-08... with ESS20-003 / ESX10-103 and group signalling Signal path of group signalling from F1 to F8 [OUT-S] signal output group signal [+DC24V] supply + DC 24 V for aux. circuit - not connected [PROT24] aux. circuit, protected via CB1 [IN-S] supply group signalling with insulated wire bridge Aux. contact make contact (ESS20-003 / ESX10-103) Wiring example: SVS20-08... with ESS20-003 / ESX10-103 and split-group signalling Signal path of split-group signalling from F1 to F4 = group 1, from F5 to F8 = group 2 [OUT-GR1] signal output group 1...

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Power Distribution System SVS20 circuit breaker CB1 in tripped condition insulated wire bridge fitted Application example for insulated wire bridge If the power distribution system is not completely fitted with circuit breakers, the open position can be closed by means of the jumper SB-S11-P1-01-1-1A. CB1 RESET NUR KURZ DRUECKEN In operating conditions (i.e. all circuit breakers plugged in and working), the signalling pathway from X31.2 to X31.1 is closed. Signal path of group signalling - after supply of + DC 24 V in X31.2 via integral overcurrent protection CB1 to X31.4 - from X31.4 via...

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Power Distribution System SVS20 Dimensions: SVS20-08-B10-K01-SB01 (with 35 minus terminals) 1 top hat railEN 50022-35x7.5 (not supplied with product) LED flashed red when CB1 has tripped Marking area colour: yellow bridge, fully insulated, 3-pole terminals power supply screwless terminal 45 ° / 10 mm max. 40 A load output terminals wire bridge, isol. fitted between L and 1 optional: external loop-in possible load output/minus-/signalling terminals screwless terminal C10 screwless terminal B10 screw terminals B20 Application example for isolated wire bridge terminal X31 e.g.. for group...

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Power Distribution System SVS20 Application example: SVS20-08-B10-K01-SB01 fitted with ESS20-003 and ESX10-103 top hat railEN 50022-35x7.5 (not supplied with product) CB1 RESET NUR KURZ DRUECKEN Plug-on modules (circuit breakers / jumpers): Please order separately.

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