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Do You Need A Switch?

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Questions to ask when specifying a switch 1 WHAT TYPE OF SWITCH ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? The switch categories below show the different types to choose from. WHAT ELECTRICAL RATINGS ARE NEEDED? 1. Is the product AC or DC? • Common Voltages for AC: 125VAC, 250VAC • Common Voltages for DC: 3, 6, 12, 24 and 48VDC 2. How many amperes does the switch need to handle? • Low Power is in the milliamps • Medium Power is from 2 amps to 5 amps • High Power is greater than 6 amps 3. If you’re looking at medium to high power, what agency approvals are needed? • Where the product is sold determines what...

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HOW MANY POLES AND THROWS DO YOU NEED? Poles are the number of closed independent circuits. Throws are the number of positions in which a given pole is closed. Common pole/throw configurations are: SPST Single Pole, Single Throw SPDT Single Pole, Double Throw DPST Double Pole, Single Throw DPDT Double Pole, Double Throw Basic examples of above configurations are: SPST - Flashlight: 1 pole for turning the light on or off. SPDT - Vacuum Cleaner: 1 pole for power, 1 throw for low speed, 1 throw for high speed. DPST - Air Conditioner: 1 pole controls the chiller, 1 pole controls the fan. DPDT -...

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WHAT IS YOUR APPLICATION? Knowing the application that the switch goes into aids us in the ability to look for unique instances where certain switches work better than others. Below are some examples of industries we sell our switches to. Audio / Visual Consumer Electronics Electrical Housewares Floor Care Appliances Handheld Devices Computer Peripherals Industrial Controls Medical Equipment Security Devices White Goods ARE THERE ANY ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS? Many products have requirements that are not initially thought of. Some might make the switch more aesthetically pleasing and others...

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GLOSSARY OF TERMS Actuator: The mechanical interface between the basic switch contacts and the means of operation, such as the operator’s finger. Pre Travel: The movement of the actuator prior to closing the circuit. Sometimes identical to “Travel to Make”. Actuation Force: The required force to change a circuit’s electrical state. Reset Point: Point at which contact resumes normal position. Single-Break: Mechanism that transfers one contact. Alternate Action Switch: A Pushbutton style switch where the change of the electrical state is maintained between actuations. Ampere: A unit of...

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E-Switch Worldwide Headquarters: E-Switch Asia Sales Office: Address: 7153 Northland Drive N Minneapolis, MN 55428-1514 USA Phone: 763-504-3525 Toll Free (USA): 800-867-2717 Fax: 763-531-8235 Address: Gateway East, Level 28 152 Beach Road, Suite 38 Singapore 189721 Phone: +65 6827-5620 Fax: +65 6294-2602 Website: CALL NOW! to talk to an E-Switch engineer Brochure Version: June 2015 © 2015 E-Switch Inc. All Rights Reserved. E-Switch, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stein Industries, Inc.

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