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MTI -TORQUE SYSTEMS Down Hole Brushless Servo Motor Product Guide Our typical engineered options include: • Extended Ambient Temperature Ratings • High Power Applications • Permanent Magnet Design • High Pressure Applications • Custom Winding Configurations • Corrosion Resistant Materials MTI-Torque Systems supplies Downhole Motor designs for the purpose of providing the Oil & Gas industry a variety of high performance, reliable motors. We offer a downhole motor line with torque and speed designs to meet the rigorous requirements of various downhole ap

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More solutions from us equals more success for you. At MTI-Torque Systems, we have always believed in giving you more choices. We design and manufacture our motors to meet your specific needs and applications because MTI-Torque Systems recognizes that one motor design cannot fit all the different downhole conditions you are likely to encounter. After all, your application is unique, so the high powered Down Hole Motor you choose for it should be unique, too. Benefits: • Rugged Compact Design • Low Maintenance • Permanent Magnet • Multiple Windings • Custom Shafts • Vibration: 25 Grms •...

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Frame square Shaft extension Shaft diameter Wire Length: Consult Factory Rear Shaft Diameter Optional mm ( RU-in.) Rear Shaft extension Optional mm (RS -in.) Notes: • Addition: including brakes, resolvers, gearboxes and seals will increase overall length • Housing and mounting flanges may increase dimensions • Motor dimensions are subject to change • Consult Factory for additional frame sizes PL Max I.D. is based on gear ratio: Consult Factory Frame square Shaft extension Shaft diameter Bolt Circle Pinion Length

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Standard Design Features: .High Energy Samarium Cobalt Magnets . Multiple Winding Availability .StainlessSteel Frame . Low Maintenance Brushless Design Rigid Application Development Process • Application Review • Motion Profile Analysis • Magnetic FEA 3D Modeling & Computer • Simulation Prototype Design • Performance Verification • Shock & Vibration Testing • Pressure and Temperature Testing Platform Cont. Stall Torque Peak Torque Efficiency Backlash: No load Number Lb-in Nm Lb-in Nm (%) Arcmin MTI's Brushless Down-Hole Series of DC Motors (the BLDH Series) is designed for high...

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