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CONTROLLER iMC500 MC500R MC700i - 1

For modern and automated milk processing MC700i FOR PROCESS AUTOMATION MILK

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CONTROLLER iMC500 MC500R MC700i - 2

In the future I want to: have more time, be a better cheese-maker and make more money. Milk processing using Plevnik equipment enables automation.  save time – time efficiency  generate repeatable quality from batch to batch  comprehensive process control (with documentation)  operator does not always have to be present – process autonomy  little physical work  generate more profit in an easy way Plevnik automation is especially possible with pasteurizers, cheese kettles and process stirring tanks. CONTROLLERS MADE FOR THE FUTURE... The human finger. The most precise tool that is...

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CONTROLLER iMC500 MC500R MC700i - 3

Easy, modern and independent operation 80% of actual size MC500 and MC500R controllers with touchscreen enable easy and adaptable operation of up to 12 thermal programs. Easy and user-friendly operation. Simple and user-friendly. A large 5-inch colour touchscreen with an excellent overview offers an exceptional user experience. Outstanding flexibility and clear overview. It is possible to choose from 12 programs, which can be adjusted to suit your technological procedures. Programs for excellent processes Adapt to your favourite recipe Speaks your language. Supports 6 languages, including...

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CONTROLLER iMC500 MC500R MC700i - 4

Remote access (WiFi) and additional program settings Via remote access using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, cheese-makers can manage and control milk processing even when they are not present in the dairy. Built-in recorder Integrated recorder – a modern approach to process control ADDITIONAL BENEFIT Using a smart phone, desktop or laptop, you can set the following: turning on/off, delayed start, record transfer, moving to the next process step, temperature changes and certain other parameters, such as speed and stirring direction. 0/MC500R/+WiFi; 18.6.2020,BR,BS EXAMPLE OF A REMOTE...

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CONTROLLER iMC500 MC500R MC700i - 5

Add value to milk. 24 programs. Pre-set programs, which help make the final milk product. Simple menus. Simple to use Five virtual buttons to access all processes. Professional, smart, intelligent, adaptable, easy to use, ready for remote access 93% of actual size Recording process Set process start time – useful when the process does not require constant human presence. You can access past process data at any time. Enlarged, simplified screen highlights. The process All controls are at your disposal and parameter preview is displayed in a larger font. The main commands are always displayed...

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CONTROLLER iMC500 MC500R MC700i - 6

CHEESE MAKING An expert in the processing of milk into dairy products, Plevnik guarantees that by using the MC700i smart controller, you can execute any of your processes with maximum automation. FERMENTED PRODUCTS Pasteurization and fermentation are the most important processes enabling long-lasting final products. The MC700i makes quality control of processes simple and you can easily upgrade it with your imagination, even with multiple batches per day. FOOD PROCESSING Unlimited stirring possibilities in the Plevnik PST stirring tank (process stirring tank) - any type of food can be...

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CONTROLLER iMC500 MC500R MC700i - 7

Processing of 200–500 l of milk using automation (MC700i) Example of automated yogurt production. The diagram shows the entire process with the following main parameters: temperature - thermal treatment, stirring, dosing of cultures, fermentation and display of automation steps determined at the start. Fermentation - takes place in a controlled manner at 42 ˚C for 6–8 hours. AUTOMATED PROCESS TEMPERATURE PROGRESS OF PROCESSES STEP (AUTOMATION UNIT) Example of an automated process of making cheese mass - the basis of cheese making. The diagram shows the entire process with the following main...

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CONTROLLER iMC500 MC500R MC700i - 8

PLEVNIK COMPLETE EQUIPMENT FOR MILK PROCESSING My ideas for milk ... food ... processing

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CONTROLLER iMC500 MC500R MC700i - 9

Compete dairy solutions. Plevnik products in the service of the user. More information All Plevnik devices are user- and environmentally friendly, as well as energy-efficient. They are designed and manufactured for long-term use. Consulting In the process of constant improvements, we reserve the right to make technical and design modifications without prior notice. Add value to milk. PLEVNIK, d.o.o. Podsmreka 56 SI 1356 Dobrova + 386 (0)1 200 60 80 The milk processing equipment specialists. Together we have created more than 3,500 successful...

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