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TORQUEMASTER BRUSHLESS SERVO MOTORS 2200 SERIES Performance Benefits MTI-Torque Systems specializes in the design of high performance brushless servo motors that provide efficiency, flexibility of application, and a long and trouble-free service life. Our TORQUEMASTER® 2200 series is no exception. With fast response, accurate control and high torque-to-inertia ratios, you can count on the TORQUEMASTER 2200 Series of brushless servo motors to provide smooth operation throughout a full speed range. The 2200 Series delivers smooth and superior low speed performance, and maximum power ratings with low thermal resistance for high speed performance. In addition, with maximum torque in a smaller package, you can count on better pricing for a better overall value. When integrated with high performance brushless amplifiers, TORQUE-MASTER 2200 Series brushless servo motors provide effective and highly efficient motion control solutions for a wide range of applications—including factory automation, packaging, robotics, machine tools, medical instrumentation and more. Design Features TORQUEMASTER BMR 2200 Series servo motors are rated from 5 lb.-in. to 10 lb.-in. with speeds and torque stability up to 10,000 RPM— accommodating DC bus voltages up to 325 volts. They utilize the latest in high performance Neodymium, permanent magnet technology, and are available in several standard windings (as well as custom windings) to meet your most demanding applications. Each servo motor in the TORQUE-MASTER 2200 Series is ruggedly designed and manufactured for reliable performance. To satisfy many different applications, TORQUEMASTER 2200 Series motors are manufactured to NEMA/IEC specifications. . Series 2200, 325 VDC brushless servo motor — provides fast response, accurate control and high torque-to-inertia ratios • Continuous torque ratings up to 10 lb.-in.—with speeds up to 10,000 RPM • IP65 Sealing available • NEMA mounting features available • IEC 72 Metric specifications available • Maximum torque per frame size with high performance Neodymium magnets • Superior low speed performance • Numerous cust

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MOTOR PARAMETER _Power_ Max Operating Speed Max Stall Torque Peak Torque Torque Sensitivity Back E.M.F. Resistance Line to Line Inductance Line to Line Rotor Inertia WT Static Friction Motor Weight TORQUE PERFORMANCE CURVES NOTE: Continuous torque specifications obtained with motor mounted to an 8.5"x12"x 0.25" aluminum plate at 25°C ambient. Typical values are within ±10% of rating. Relationship Between Ke & KT Torque Systems uses the following important motor performance parameters for the 3 phase square wave and 3 phase sine wave brushless motors in order to properly account for the...

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0.201 DIA. THRU (4) HOLES 90” APART ON A 2.625 DIA. B.C. DIMENSION CHART*(Dimensions may change based upon options) PART NUMBER AG A AK BB U AH R XD Dimension in inches BMR22055.71 2.281.500.06.3750.77 .357/.353 .70 FLAT NOTE: Dimension “AG" includes commutation feedback device and modular encoder shown on ordering information under COMMUTATION. For internal brake add 2.0" to dimension “AG" TORQUE (Newton-Meters) TORQUE SPEED CURVES OF OTHER WINDINGS AVAILABLE, CONSULT FACTORY. TORQUE (Newton-Meters)

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TERMINATION CHART MOTOR/CABLE CODE BMR ORDERING INFORMATION - (For Standard Options) FRAME SIZE 2 = 2.28" Dia. STALL TORQUE 05 = 5 lb-in 10 = 10 lb-in WINDINGS T = 10 V/Krpm (KT = 0.84 lb.in./Amp) A = 20 V/Krpm (KT = 0.84 lb.in./Amp) B = 30 V/Krpm (KT = 2.53 lb.in./Amp) COMMUTATION/FEEDBACK (see note 3 HA = Hall Sensor only MO = Enc. Mtg. Provisions RA = Resolver size 15 SR = Special Resolver Commutating Line Modular Encoders Count Encoders* *Modular Encoder selection includes Hall Sensor Commutation BRAKE (Internal) (see note_4] 0 = None B = 24 VDC Coil P A A 000...

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