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Lubrication free High volume of cycles Rigid Chain Lift Tables. (MH-R)

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The new rigid chain transmission system provides many advantages with respect to the systems known at the time (hydraulic, spindle, belts), being a patented system. * Less components. * High volume of cycles. * Low maintenance. * Long product life. * Stable and precise positioning. * Lubrication free. Transmission of the force of the conventional system. Conventional systems transmit the force in the scissor. The force required to lift the table is approximately 7 times the weight to be lifted. Result: high tension and stress on the scissors, bearings and shafts. Transmission of the force...

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The Rigid Chain Unlike other types of chains, where the load is supported by the axles, and consequently causes severe wear and needs constant lubrication. The chain supports the load only on the surfaces of the links and forms a rigid column. Maintenance and Service The Rigid Chain system works virtually maintenance free, without oil or grease and almost no wear. For maintenance, all parts are easily accessible and replacement if necessary. All assembled units are bolted together. Drive with gearbox, motor, frequency converter and deflection unit. Deflection unit with driven sprocket and...

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