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Pallet transfer station (ETP) Lift and transport

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Pallet Transfer Stations (ETP) of save time and they make the job easier. Thanks to its reduced building height no need to use lift trucks avoiding the costs that they imply, since the roller track can be fed directly with a pallet truck. Cost savings in addition because no need a pit. Lifting, transporting or preparing orders, the ETP of can be integrated into your production in an easy and flexible way. ETP for two pallets ETP with pallet ramp with reinforcement strip ETP in pallet pit with reinforcing strip ETP with central skid ETP double tandem mobile version

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Pallet transfert station ETP - 3

ETP with roller conveyor Adjustable limit stop for precise transition between conveyor and ETP Integrated light barriers at pallet entry ETP with full roller and spindle drive (without hydraulics). Centering device for different pallet sizes ETP with chain conveyor Detail of the transfer system to the chain conveyor ETP mobile/tandem version, total height 90 mm Hydraulic unit with protective cover

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Pallet transfert station ETP - 4

Initially designed for europallets and industrial pallets, our PTPs can be adapted to your specific needs (American pallet, chep pallet, etc.). Technical service A product is only good if it is accompanied by good technical service. Dynalserg also stands out, thanks to a reliable technical service. Assembly and commissioning: - Mechanical assembly. - Hydraulic ductwork. - Commissioning. - Assistance during a work shift. Maintenance: - Regular inspection and maintenance. - Replacement of wear parts. - Greasing. Supply of spare parts: - Large stock of spare parts. - Fast and efficient supply....

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