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About Dynalserg Acerca de Dynalserg Dynalserg is an expanding company in the field of lifting, logistics and handling, based in Barcelona. Our main field of work is focused on advising, manufacturing, commercialization and exclusive distribution of solutions of world-wide prestige in singular equipment for the elevation and manipulation of loads. The innovative solutions, the careful details and the most solid construction technique characterize Dynalserg's products for the movement of loads. Whether for individual installation or integrated in a production line, Dynalserg is a reliable...

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^DYNALSERG ° Lift Dock tables Lift tables for workstations. Lift tables for production lines. Lifting tables for picking Hydraulic Lift Tables Spindle lifting tables Hanging Lift Tables Belts lifting tables Special Lift Tables Working platforms Car lifts Double scissor lift platforms Coil handlers Column lifters Pallet transfer stations

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MDYNALSERG ® is the most competent partner in lifting technology for production lines. The specific requirements of each industry, require a high level of knowledge and innovative development from planning to implementation, as well as permanent dialogue with the customer. In this way, the benefit to the customer is always the focus of our attention.

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Technical service A product is only good if it is accompanied by good technical service. Dynalserg also stands out, thanks to a reliable technical service. Assembly and commissioning: - Mechanical assembly. - Hydraulic ductwork. - Commissioning. - Assistance during a work shift. Maintenance: - Regular inspection and maintenance. - Replacement of wear parts. - Greasing. Supply of spare parts: - Large stock of spare parts. - Fast and efficient supply. - An electronic summary of the documentation area facilitates and allows a quick location of the Necessary spare parts, even non-standard ones....

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Selected materials, robust construction, The application of wide safety margins and a careful calculation of the requirements demanded are the main characteristics of the product line ^DYNALSERG m that guarantee you security in production and subsequent quality. ^DYNALSERGB C. Medes, 4-6, Local 08023 Barcelona Spain Tel. (+34) 936 110 155 Thomas Edison,4, Oficina 1328 Parque Empresarial Rivas Futura E-28521 Rivas Vaciamadrid Spain T. (+34) 914 99 26 13

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