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JJYNAJET Water Jetting Systems up to 3,000 bar

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Water-jetting systems for professionals The no. 1 in efficiency, power and performance Throughout the world, professionals of all sectors trust in the highly efficient water-jetting systems and accessories from DYNAJET. Our innovative high-pressure units, offering a working pressure of up to 3,000 bar (43,500 PSI), impress not only with their all-round deployability, but also with their extreme cost-effectiveness, absolute reli­ ability and uncompromising quality. The DYNAJET product promise Powerful technology As we have our own development department, you always get the latest technology...

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General Catalogue - 7

DYNAJET innovations Always one step ahead Maximum efficiency, flexibility and economy – with its innovations, DYNAJET lastingly delivers on this brand promise. The engineers in our development department perfect the character­ istics and ergonomics of our water-jetting units on an ongoing basis, setting standards for the future with DYNAJET innovations. DYNAJET innovations ensure optimum performance, reduced fuel consumption, great ease of operation, fewer emissions and more safety. The foundation for all this is our continuous investment in research and development with which we drive our...

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General Catalogue - 8

DYNAJET innovations Perfect ergonomics for more safety: the DYNAJET high-pressure lance and gun system as of 800 bar (11,600 PSI) DYNAJET’s innovative lance and gun system strictly minimises turbulence losses through optimised hydraulic routing (1). In addition, the central force application (2) in the handle ensures fatigue-free operation without transverse forces, and therefore increased safety. Twist reduction (3) makes it possible to rotate the nozzle pipe steplessly by 360° to the handgrip. The gun also offers a hand-operated safety trigger. Turbo-cleaning: the DYNAJET hot-water...

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General Catalogue - 9

More safety and saving of resources: dry-shut guns up to 1,000 bar (14,500 PSI) Simplify your work and save water as well with DYNAJET’s dry-shut guns. At a working pressure of up to 1,000 bar (14,500 PSI), the gun is closed instantly as soon as the water jet is interrupted when you let go of the trigger. Ready for action instantly with the DYNAJET EC Easy Connect rapid connection system The DYNAJET EC Easy Connect rapid connection system for water-jetting systems up to 3,000 bar (43,500 PSI) not only enables simple, quick and safe connection, but also makes for less wear and tear, as no...

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General Catalogue - 10

DYNAJET throughout the world Competent service throughout the world and always close by North America 5 sales and service partners Maximum service, absolute reliability. With our extensive network of certified DYNAJET sales and service partners, we ensure that you can obtain all our high-pressure cleaners, accessories and original spare parts from nearby at all times throughout the world. Whether it’s a new DYNAJET water-jetting system or a maintenance or repair service that you require, you get the ideal offer and professional support from our experts as soon as possible. What is more, our...

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General Catalogue - 11

Europe 120 sales and service partners Asia 55 sales and service partners DYNAJET Headquarters Nürtingen, DE DYNAJET France Colmar, FR DYNAJET Denmark Odense, DK Africa 15 sales and service partners With our dealer search, you can find a suitable DYNAJET sales and service partner near you in a jiffy:

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General Catalogue - 12

DYNAJET for construction and renovation

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General Catalogue - 13

In construction and renovation work particularly, it's speed, efficiency and safety that count. With DYNAJET's professional water-jetting systems, you meet these demands at all times and are ideally equipped for all the construction and renovation challenges you face. Our comprehensive portfolio of products and accessories makes sure of this, offering a suitable tool for every task. DYNAJET's high-performance water-jetting systems enable you to clean construction equipment, scaffolding and shuttering quickly, thoroughly and economically or restore facades and concrete safely, precisely and...

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General Catalogue - 14

Whether it's removing chewing gum and graffiti or cleaning multi-storey car parks and train stations - the range of tasks faced by local authorities is huge. DYNAJET's powerful water-jetting systems support you and ensure that, even during ongoing operations, you succeed with these challenges without hassle at any time of year. Our professional high-pressure units combine innovation and reliability, and thus achieve maximum efficiency and economy with the highest level of eco-friendliness. Typical applications for local authorities Application Advantages of DYNAJET Suitable...

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General Catalogue - 15

Removing graffiti

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General Catalogue - 16

With its multifunctional, powerful and economical water-jetting systems, DYNAJET has always been a strong and reliable partner for industry. Production installations of all sizes are cleaned quickly, efficiently and safely with DYNAJET. Thanks to our multifaceted portfolio of accessories, countless cleaning and renovation tasks can be solved with just one DYNAJET high-pressure cleaner. Industrial applications with DYNAJET Application Advantages of DYNAJET Suitable water-jetting systems

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Cleaning heat exchangers

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DYNAJET for shipyards and offshore

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Whether it's in dry dock, the harbour or on the high seas: DYNAJET is the number one when it comes to efficient cleaning or renovating of ships, dock installations, containers or warehouses. Removing rust, stripping paint and varnish, removing algae growths or barnacles - DYNAJET cleans everything quickly, thoroughly and reliably. You save time, your nerves and lots of money! Typical shipyard and offshore applications Application Advantages of DYNAJET Suitable water-jetting systems ^ Renovating a deep-sea vessel

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General Catalogue - 20

Agriculture and forestry require professional tools and machines for use in robust conditions. Water-jetting systems and accessories from DYNAJET have been developed for the most difficult conditions and are suitable for numerous applications in agriculture and forestry. Earth, loess soil and loam are no problem for DYNAJET's powerful high-pressure cleaners, nor is rapid removal of bark from trees. See for yourself and profit from the economy, efficiency and sustainability offered by DYNAJET devices. Typical agriculture and forestry applications Application Advantages of...

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