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DuPont Tychem ThermoPro ™ A SINGLE-LAYER TRIPLE THREAT PROTECTIVE GARMENT THAT RESISTS CHEMICALS WHILE ALSO PROVIDING FLASH FIRE ESCAPE AND ELECTRIC ARC PROTECTION Emergency responders and industrial workers deserve the latest innovation in proven protection. To protect others, emergency responders need the best protection for themselves. Whether responding to a traffic accident or containing an industrial emergency, responders need a garment that will protect them from many hazards. Industrial workers facing the possible hazards of a flash fire, electrical arc flash, and chemical exposure need a single garment with multiple types of protection. Choosing the best garment also means considering many other factors, like comfort, durability, cost effectiveness and safety. For these reasons, and others, DuPont has taken 40 years of industrial chemical and firefighting technology experience and innovation and created a single-layer suit—DuPont Tychem ThermoPro. ™

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Triple hazard protection in a single garment. Tychem ThermoPro provides triple hazard protection from chemicals, flash fire, and electric arc, combining the trusted chemical protection of DuPont Tychem with the flame and arc flash protection of DuPont Nomex into a single garment. ® Protecting your team from a range of hazardous chemicals. From industrial chemical handling and remediation to first responder and secondary emergency response in industrial settings, we offer a complete range of chemical protective fabrics and garments. It’s this knowledge and experience that’s made us a leader...

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DuPont THERMO-MAN —pushing protection to the limit. Typical physical properties of Tychem ThermoPro The increased thermal protection that DuPont Tychem ThermoPro garments offer is clearly demonstrated in simulated fire testing using instrumented thermal manikins such as the DuPont THERMO-MAN system. ™ Thickness [mils] Grab Tensile (MD/CD) [lbf] Trapezoidal Tear (MD/CD) [lbf] Puncture-Propagation, Tear (MD/CD) [lbf] A team dedicated to innovation and safety. Like the people who select, wear and value our garments, we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve safety and protect lives. As...

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his one garment provides dual hazardhazard protectionchemicals and ash re. re. This one garment provides dual protection from from chemicals and ash ychem® ThermoPro combines the trusted chemical protection of Tychem® and the the Tychem® ThermoPro combines the trusted chemical protection of Tychem® and ame ame resistance of DuPont™ NOMEXa into a single garment. resistance of DuPont™ NOMEX® into ® single garment. The sophisticated DuPont THERMO-MAN system consists of a life-size manikin with 122 thermal sensors used to predict level, extent, and location of potential burns of garments in...

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