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DuPont™ Tychem® SL LIGHTWEIGHT PROTECTION OF DUPONT™ TYVEK® LAMINATED WITH A CHEMICAL-RESISTANT SARANEX® FILM. Technical Data Sheet DuPont™ Tychem® SL delivers effective protection against a range of chemical environments. Tychem® SL provides at least 30 minutes of protection against 160 chemical challenges. Tychem® SL, utilizing Saranex® 23-P film laminated to Tyvek® brand protective material, is a lightweight, comfortable garment specifically designed for easy wear. Tychem® SL is ideal for chemical mixing, remediation, emergency medical response, paint spraying, and radioactive environments. Tychem® SL is used in a variety of industries, including environmental clean-up operations, waste management, industrial plants, cleanroom applications, hazardous material response teams and other emergency services. General garment construction/wear guidelines should be followed according to the specific application.1 Visibility When working in hazardous conditions, the color and visibility of protective apparel can greatly affect the overall safety of the worker. When workers wear high-visibility colors, it improves how well they are seen and distinguished from the background. Obviously, safety is enhanced when workers can clearly see coworkers. The DuPont™ Tychem® SL white color is often a preferred choice because it provides contrast across a wide range of natural backgrounds. In a laboratory study, Tychem® SL received high overall ratings for visibility in dim light, bright light, and contrast with natural backgrounds. Nuclear Environments A study was conducted by Southwest Research Institute on the fabrics commonly used in potentially radioactive environments. The study of the fabrics’ ability to prevent tritiated water vapor and tritium gas penetration showed Tychem® SL was 150 times better than PVC after three hours of exposure. The study states, ”when it is desired to avoid all penetration of tritium, data suggest that the wearer may work three hours in Tychem® SL, as opposed to only half an hour in other fabrics. ” DUPONT GARMENTS: LEVELS OF PROTECTION TO MEET YOUR NEEDS Nomex® Limitedwear Non-hazardous particles Flame resistance Heavy CHEMICAL EXPOSURE Non-hazardous particles, liquids and aerosols Non-hazardous particles Hazardous particles

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Durability Tychem SL is rugged and durable even in cold temperatures. Tychem® SL offers little change in stiffness when exposed to extreme cold temperatures (–65° to 20°C or –85° to 68°F) as measured per ASTM D747 2 . ® Permeation Data for ASTM Recommended List of Chemicals for Evaluating Protective Clothing Materials (ASTM F1001) Physical Phase Tychem® SL provides excellent resistance against blood, body fluid and viral contaminants, and passes ASTM F1670 for synthetic blood penetration and ASTM F1671 for viral penetration. Average Permeation Rate, µg/cm2/min Chemical Name Average...

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