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Technical Data Sheet Helps protect against chemical warfare agents. DuPont garments made of Tychem® F provide strong, lightweight liquid splash protection for law enforcement, emergency medical services (EMS) technicians and military personnel responding to an incident involving chemical, biological or radioactive agents. Easy to use and easy to wear, garments made of Tychem® F are lightweight and flexible, and can be folded into small packages for easy storage and portability. Tychem® F is a DuPont proprietary barrier material that has been available in Europe since 1994. Garments made of Tychem® F help offer protection against chemical warfare agents and a variety of industrial chemicals. They include features such as: taped seams; respirator fit hood; and storm flap with double-sided tape over the zipper. These garments, which are gray for low visibility, are intended for domestic preparedness situations where the potential for exposure to chemical, biological and radioactive agents exists. Garments made of Tychem® F have been tested by the Soldier and Biological Chemical Command (SBCCOM) in Aberdeen, Md. and the TNO Laboratories in the Netherlands. Garments made of Tychem® F are also listed in the National Institutes of Justice “Guide to Selection of PPE for Emergency Response.” To obtain superior quality protective apparel, supported by extensive ISO-registered quality control standards and documented performance information, look for DuPont manufactured garments made of Tychem® F. Garments of Tychem® F are manufactured by DuPont Personal Protection, the leader in protective apparel, offering a complete line of products to meet the diverse needs of emergency responders to WMD incidents. For additional information about Tychem® F, consult the latest edition of DuPont™ SuitSmart® at www.PersonalProtection.DuPont.com or call 1-800-931-3456. For information on the complete line of DuPont protective clothing for chemical, biological and radiological terrorism, consult the DuPont Personal Protection website at www.PersonalProtection.DuPont.com. These products include: Responder® CSM, which has been approved by the U.S. Army CASHPAC board for use with chemical weapons; Tychem® TK and Responder® ensembles, which have been certified to the chemical and biological protective requirements of NFPA 1991; Tychem® BR and Tychem® LV, which provide broad range protection in highand low-visibility colors for military personnel and industrial workers; and Tyvek,® which is well-suited for modesty garments and anthrax contamination investigations. NOTE: Tychem® F is the exact same fabric, but has often been referred to as: Tyvek® F, Tyvek® Military F, and Tyvek® Protech® F. Physical Properties of Tychem F ® Total Basis Weight ASTM D3776 Ball Burst ASTM D3787 Puncture, Propagation, Tear ASTM 2582 8.6 lbf avg. Trap Tear (md/cd) ASTM D5733 These results are measured using the latest ASTM test methods. Results will vary due to the changes in test methods. A true test of performance is in use.

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Permeation Data for Chemical Warfare Agents CHEMICAL NAME PHYSICAL PHASE BREAKTHROUGH TIME INDEX OF CODES: > = greater than, < = less than, L = liquid, G = gas, imm. = immediate (<10 minutes) (minutes) Lewisite Mustard Tabun Sarin Soman VX All tests were performed by an independent laboratory. Chemical warfare agents were tested according to Mil-STD-282, Method T-209 (L and HD, 37˚C) or Method 208 (GA, GB, GD, VX, 25˚C) at 100 g/m2 levels. Industrial chemicals were tested at room temperature with standardized breakthrough times based on reaching a permeation rate of 0.1 µg/cm2/min as...

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