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DuPont Tychem CPF 3 garments ™ TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Strong and durable with broad chemical barrier. When you need chemical protection, consider DuPont Tychem garments. Tychem CPF 3 is a multi-layer barrier film laminated to a durable polypropylene substrate. ™ Tychem CPF 3 is often the garment of choice by hazardous material response teams and other emergency services when potential exposure to chemical warfare agents exists. ® These strong, durable garments are used in industry to protect against a broad range of chemicals. Tychem CPF 3 provides protection against more than 149 chemical challenges. ® The tan color of Tychem CPF 3 makes it an excellent choice when there is a need for low visibility. ® DuPont Garments: levels of protection to meet your needs Coverall C3 127 T shown above, featuring: • taped seams • attached hood • front zipper closure • storm flap with tape closure • elastic wrists • elastic ankles

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Physical Properties of DuPont Tychem CPF 3 ™ Chemical Warfare Agents Ball Burst Basis Weight Grab Tensile, MD/CD Puncture Propagation Tear, MD/CD Minimum detectable permeation rate (µg/cm2/min) Trap Tear, MD/CD Fabric Test Protocols. All tests performed in triplicate for DuPont Personal Protection by an independent accredited laboratory at 22˚C, 50% R.H. Protocol DN3—MIL-STD-282, Method T-209 (HD) or modified for Lewisite, for 12 hours at 10 g/m 2. Protocol DN5—MIL-STD-282, Method T-208 (GB) or modified for GA, GD, and VX, for 12 hours at 10 g/m 2. These results are measured using the...

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