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Wearing the adequate protective clothing will help protect people concerned by a potential contamination of toxic products or viruses through the skin. When choosing the right chemical protective clothing, several factors need to be taken into account including the nature of the task, the state of the substance as well as its concentration, the best balance between protection and comfort. Poorly fitted garments run a higher risk of tearing and restrict movement, which can affect the wearer’s ability to carry out work safely and efficiently. How to protect yourself from phytosanitary products DuPont Personal Protection AGRICULTURE GOOD TO KNOW Phytopharmaceutical or phytosanitary products, also known by the more general term of pesticides, are products used to treat plants. They are designed to protect crops from harmful insects and diseases, to improve the yield.

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Does it affect me, and to what extent? Phytosanitary products are generally used in spring and at the end of the summer. The workers who actually apply the products and those nearby are directly concerned by the risks of phytosanitary products. Remember to protect yourself! People exposed to phytopharmaceuticals Light exposure Intense exposure + or The person who applies the product The person who handles the product The workers who handle the treated plants or who reap the harvest The person who prepares the spray mixture Other people present at the time of treatment even if they are not...

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Protective solutions by DuPont Personal Protection „» Elasticated hood for an excellent fit around a full face respirator. „» Self-adhesive flap to cover the zip, with integrated chin flap. „» Stretch rubber thumb loop attached to the end of the sleeves to prevent the suit sleeve from riding up. „» Elasticated waist for optimum fit to body. „» Stitched and overtaped seams offering equal barrier as the protective clothing material. Tyvek® Classic Plus suits offer farmers tried and tested bodily protection from many liquid sprays and solid particles. They comply with requirements for Type...

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