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Protecting you & your processes DuPont is launching a new garment to complete its trusted Tyvek® range with the new Tyvek® Labo coverall especially designed for laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. Trust the new Tyvek® Labo coverall from DuPont! Tyvek® labo

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• Laboratories • Pharmaceutical industry • Micro-electronics • Cosmetics • A different protection for you The barrier offered by Tyvek® is built into the fabric itself. This is one of the reasons why Tyvek® coveralls maintain protection levels throughout their usage. The coveralls are antistatically treated on both sides, so that when they and the wearer are correctly earthed, electrostatic charges are dissipated. 1. Protecting people Let’s take a closer look at Tyvek®... Side view before use Front view after abrasion* Inherent barrier throughout the whole material ... and at microporous...

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2. Protecting the products & processes People: the main source of contamination Personnel are considered as one of the most critical sources of contamination. Every minute, humans shed an average of 100,000 particles (dead skin, hair, perspiration) from just standing, and this can rise to millions of particles depending on how much they are moving around. Type of movement Particle/min. (> 0.5 ìm) Sitting without moving 100 000 Moving hands, arms, head 500 000 Active hand/arm movement fast turning of the head 1 000 000 Standing up from a sitting position or vice versa 2 500 000 Rapid...

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3. The ‘Feel good effect’ * DuPont pictograms. ** White TYVEK® is antistatically treated on both surfaces, while coloured materials are only treated on the white side. Antistatic treatment is effective only when relative humidity is above 25%. For information on use in explosion risk zones, please contact the technical team, DuPont Techline. *** Gives no protection against radioactive radiation. ‘The best idea is nothing if you cannot formulate it correctly’… the same is applicable to a suit: turning your material into a smart design is critical! Our designers developed this suit after...

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Working in a clean environment such as pharmaceutical laboratories can be more complex in terms of protection as you are often confronted by 2 contamination issues: Protecting the people & protecting the product or process. Tyvek® unique properties answer this complexity by providing both protections. Typical applications for the Tyvek® Labo coverall Activity 1 Activity 2 ‘Medicine production’ ‘Cleaning campaign’ „Ï Medicine preparation „Ï Medicine particles load into a crusher „Ï Cleaning (light spray not liquid under high pressure) „½ „½ Risk: People protection from airborne particulates...

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Innovative. Smart. Design. Tyvek® packaging dresses up! Expertise in one call! L-30208 - 11/2010 - TM and ® are registered trademarks or trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. © Copyright 2010 E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. All rights reserved. • Do you have a question regarding a product recommendation? Product use? Or any other technical question? • Please feel free to benefit from our FREE technical service for your chemical protective clothing selection, the ‘Techline’, that will support you! Tel: +352 621 164 043 Website:...

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