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DuPontTM Tyvek® Industry coverall Areas of use of Tyvek® Industry at a glance*: ² Biomedical research ² Clean rooms ² Electronics ² Pharmaceuticals ² Food industry ² Automotive Industry ² Paint spraying applications ² Surface treatment * Depending on the application the wearing of the separate hood should be considered. DuPont Personal Protection Whether in biomedical research or in the food industry, Tyvek® Industry can be used where sensitive processes or products must be protected as it offers the ideal combination of interior seams, low-linting and electrostatic properties. The garment that helps to protect processes and products against human contamination without compromising on wearer’s comfort. ² Reliable particule protection Tyvek® Industry offers a barrier to many inorganic chemicals in low concentrations and particles larger than 1ìm. For protection from highly concentrated inorganic or organic chemicals and particles smaller than 1ìm, we recommend the Tychem® protective clothing range from DuPont. ² Protects your products and processes Tyvek® Industry helps prevent skin particles or germs from human bodies reaching the environment and thus helps prevent human contamination of the environment. ² Limits risk of cross contamination Tyvek® Industry has a particularly smooth surface, which means that we have low particle shedding. Tyvek® Industry is also antistatically treated on both sides of the fabric. Consequently dust or fibre particles are not attracted to the suit nor do they adhere to it. This limits the risk of cross-contamination. ² Can be disposed of easily and economically Tyvek® Industry contains no halogen compounds and can therefore be disposed of economically. Contaminated protective clothing should be handled as waste containing harmful substances in accordance with local and national regulations. ² Optimum comfort Tyvek® is permeable to both air and water vapour, allowing the fabric to breathe. The suit is also extremely light and flexible and feels pleasant against the skin. ² Reliable quality For your safety we ensure high manufacturing quality and regular quality control.

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An excellent barrier material only makes an excellent protective suit if the design is right. 1 Interior seams help prevent contamination from the sewing yarn. 2 Tyvek® zipper and zip flap for increased tightness. 3 Elastic cuffs and ankles, elastic in the waist for improved, close fit. Colour: white Sizes: S to XXXL Chemical protective clothing - Category III, type 5/6 * DuPont pictograms. ** The material of Tyvek® protective suits is antistatically treated on both sides and meets EN 1149-1 requirements. The antistatic treatment of suits is only functional in humidity of more than 25%. The...

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