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Chemical Protective Clothing - Category III, Type 4/5/6 * DuPont pictograms ** gives no protection against radioactive radiation DuPontTM Tyvek® Classic Plus coveralls Areas of application for the Tyvek® Classic Plus coveralls: ² Chemical industry ² Nuclear industry ² Cleanroom applications ² Contaminated land clean-up ² Industrial cleaning and maintenance ² Pharmaceuticals ² Electronics ² Emergency response ² Asbestos industry ² Others… DuPont Personal Protection Whether it’s for painting or maintenance work, for finishing processes or anywhere there is a slight risk of liquid splashes, Tyvek® Classic Plus coveralls offer the high protection thanks to their tight taped seams and their high barrier against particles superior to 1 micron. The models that combine the performance of a Type 4 with the comfort of a nonwoven suit. Ë now available with thumb loops, integrated socks and bootflap. ² Protective barrier Tyvek® Classic Plus provides high barrier against many inorganic chemicals in low concentrations and particles larger than 1 micron. With its overtaped seams, this suit is ideal for toxic dry particulate environments or to prevent liquid penetration through seams. For protection against high concentrated inorganic or organic chemicals or particles inferior to 1 micron, DuPont recommends its Tychem® product range. ² Optimum comfort As a result of its unique manufacturing process, Tyvek® is permeable to air and water vapour. Tyvek® Classic Plus suits “breathe”. Wearers feel comfortable in these garments as they are extremely lighweight and comfortable against the skin. The product is also well designed to allow a high degree of movement with the garment. ² Electrostatic protection if properly grounded Tyvek® Classic Plus coveralls are antistatically treated and meet the EN 1149-1 requirements.The antistatic treatment is only effective in environments with a humidity of air superior to 25%. The DuPont Techline Team is on hand for details on using Tyvek® Classic Plus in possible explosive environments. ² Protection against radioactive particles Tyvek® Classic Plus coveralls offer protection against radioctive particulate contamination.** ² Taped seams Sewn and overtaped seams ensure a high level of protection in critical areas. As a consequence, this model takes full advantage of Tyvek® inherent barrier protection throughout the whole of the garment. Type 5 Protection against airborne solid particulate chemicals* Type 6 Limited protection against liquid mist* Electrostatic protection if properly grounded according to EN 1149-1 Protection against radioactive particles contamination accor- ding to EN 1073 part 2** Type 4 Protection against liquid aerosols*

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Innovative Details for Increased Safety 1 Tyvek® zip fastening and self adhesive zip flap and chin flap for increased protection. 2 Self adhesive elasticated waistband provides a good fit. 3 Shape of hood especially designed for wearing a full face respirator. 4 Stitched and overtaped seams. 5 NEW! Stretch rubber thumbloop attached to the end of the sleeves. It is to be pulled over the thumbs and ideally suited for overhead work and when extreme arm movements are required, so that it prevents the suit sleeve from riding up. For safety reasons, the use of thumb loops is only recommended when...

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