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ProShield FR from DuPont ® The solution to protect you & your flame-resistant garment A proven expertise in flame and chemical protection DuPont has long been associated with heat and flame resistant solutions because of Nomex and chemical protection because of Tyvek . Combining these two solutions, DuPont introduces the new ProShield FR coverall to protect against flames and chemicals. ® ® ® ProShield FR is a hooded protective coverall made from a flame-retardant polypropylene non-woven fabric that provides limited protection against heat, flames and chemicals. It is typically used, depending on chemical toxicity and exposure levels, for protection against particles (Type 5), limited liquid splashes or sprays of non-flammable liquids (Type 6) in applications where PPE offering chemical protection in addition to heat and flame protection is required. ®

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Protection is our core mission ProShield FR offers double protection: ® roShield FR protects your reusable flame-resistant garment (eg. Nomex ) worn P underneath, from light chemical spray (unpressurized), aerosols, particulates and dirt & grime, thus extending its life. ® ® ProShield FR protects the worker against occasional and brief contact with sparks and small flames. Made of a fabric with limited flame spread performance, it minimizes the spread of flame, and therefore doesn’t become a hazard in itself. ® ProShield FR is made from a fabric that offers limited flame spread protection...

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1 5 ProShield FR features include: ® 2 1 Three piece hood for optimum facial fit and increased protection 3 5 2 Zipper flap for increased protection 4 O 3 range colour-coded seams enabling better identification of the garment* 6 4 lasticated waist E 5 Elasticated cuffs, ankles & hood G 6 enerous cut allowing freedom of movement when worn above index 2 or 3 undergarments 5 7 Antistatic treatment** Safe use of a limited flame-SPREAD and chemical protective coverall eg. ProShield FR: ® 1. Limited flame-spread and chemical protective coveralls must Index 2 or 3 head wear always be worn on top...

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Order your FREE sample now at: Disclaimer This information is based upon technical data that DuPont believes to be reliable. It is subject to revision as additional knowledge and experience becomes available. DuPont does not guarantee results and assumes no obligation or liability in connection with this information. It is the user’s responsibility to determine the level of toxicity and the proper personal protective equipment needed. This information is intended for use by persons having the technical expertise to undertake evaluation under their own specific end-use...

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