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Contamination control solution CATALOATALOATALOATALOGUE DuPont Personal Protection

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Copyright© 2007 DuPont. All rights reserved

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1 Contamination control management CONTENT OVERVIEW Contamination control management OUR CLOTHING SOLUTION TYVEK® – the ideal combination CHEMICAL PROTECTION IN CRITICAL ENVIRONMENTS The TYCHEM® range DuPontTM Sontara® MicroPure Services

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2 Contamination Control manaGEmEnt understanding the importance of contamination control For a whole range of industries, such as pharma- ceuticals, food processing, electronics, surface plating and coating, it’s not just the people so much as the products or processes that must be kept clean and uncontaminated. Whilst air purifi - cation, ventilation and access systems help to maintain internationally recognised standards for particle control, simply selecting the right type of protective clothing can minimise the risk of contamination through personnel that represent a critical source of...

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4 Function of cleanroom wipes • Protection of product and cleanroom environment by purity and cleanliness • Liquid absorbency • Particle removal • Chemical resistance to commonly used cleaning agents like Isopropyl alcohol • Shall not generate contamination. Clothing The choice of protective clothing is crucial in terms of contamination control management in a clean room environment, specifically because it can prevent contamination but also generate it in case it is not adequate: Wipes Wipes can help to keep your cleanroom clean. However, they can also become a source of contamination and...

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6 TYVEK® Classic Plus The breathable type 4B coverall. TYVEK® Classic The reference in type 5&6 garments that protect millions of people every year. TYVEK® Industry Protect products and processes from human contamination. Copyright© 2007 DuPont.All rights reserved

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8 Barrier efficiency against airborne particles is a critical performance feature of cleanroom clothing. TYVEK® offers a barrier holdout against airborne particles on a very high level, with more than 99% for particles > 0.3 ìm. Another important feature to determine protection performance of cleanroom clothing is the barrier efficiency against migrating particles. This performance is measured with the means of a Martindale Abrasion Tester that simulates the movement between undergarment and cleanroom garment by rubbing – in real use, resulting in the migration of particles and fibres and...

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9 TYVEK® The particle emission of TYVEK® clothing material and coveralls has been validated according to specific cleanroom test requirements by the Helmke Drum and Body Box test methods. Helmke Drum: Particle emission measurement of clothing material The test method simulates particle shedding of clothing under movement. The garment under test is tumbled in a rotating drum to release particles from the surface of the cleanroom garment in a controlled manner. An automatic particle counter is used to sample the air within the drum to determine the average particle concentration of the air...

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10 Body Box: Particle emission of a person/coverall A Body Box indicates the contamination of a cleanroom by simulating the particle filtration of the clothing and the particle release of the person under real wear conditions. The test person performs a series of defined movements ranging from still to walking, knee bands and arm movements in a cleanroom test cabin. Particle counters determine the quantity of particles generated by the wearer/garment that are emitted into the chamber. There are no limit values available for the absolute values. Due to the high variation in particle...

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11 TYVEK® TYVEK® Industry Chemical Protective Coverall, Category iii * * ** *** Type 5 Type 6 EN 1149-1:1995**** EN 1073-2 . Barrier against many inorganic chemicals in low concentrations and particles . Protection against particulate radioactive contamination*** . Contamination control: helps prevent human skin and germs from contaminating the working environment . Does not contain halogen compounds, so can be disposed of via standard means. tYVEK® industry, model CCF5 • Collared coverall. • TYVEK® zipper with zip fl ap for improved safety offering higher level of tightness. • Elasticated...

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12 tYVEK® Classic, model CHF5 • Ergonomic 3 piece hood allowing easy movement of head without disturbing the view of the wearer. • TYVEK® zipper with zip fl ap for improved safety offering higher level of tightness. • Elasticated cuffs and ankles for good fi t of garment openings. • Elasticated in waist for safe fi t of garment and wearer comfort. Seams: External stitched seams for enhanced protection against solid particles penetration from outside to inside of garment. Colour/Reference: White – TYV CHF5S WH 00 Green – TYV CHF5S GR 00 Blue – TYV CHF5S BU 00 Size: White: S to XXXL Coloured:...

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13 TYVEK® Chemical Protective Coveralls, Category iii * * * ** *** Type 4 Type 5 Type 6 EN 14126 Type 4B EN 1149-1 :1995**** . Barrier against many inorganic chemicals in low concentrations and particles . Protection against particulate radioactive contamination*** . Barrier against solid biological contaminated particles . Combines performance of a Type 4B with the comfort of a nonwoven suit . As a result of its unique manufacturing process, TYVEK® is permeable to air and water vapour . Suitable for usage in Ex-Zones, if the wearer and the suit are correctly grounded. . Easy to dispose of,...

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14 tYVEK® labcoat, model PL309 Colour/Reference: White: TYV PL30S WH 09 • Collar. • Zip. • 2 pockets. Seams: Inside seams. Size: S to XXL tYVEK® labcoat, model PL30 Colour/Reference: White: TYV PL30S WH 00 • Collar. • 5 snappers. • 3 pockets. Size: M to XXL tYVEK® hood, model PH30LO Colour/Reference: White: TYV PH30S WH L0 • Hood and fl ange assembled with the overcasting. • Elastic around the neck and the face. Seams: Inside. Size: One size tYVEK® boot covers, model POB0 Colour/Reference: White: TYV POB0S WH 00 • H 48 cm. • L 42 cm. • Elastic on the top. Size: One size tYVEK® boot covers,...

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