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DuPont Personal Protection H1N1 Are you prepared? Preventing cross-contamination

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How does flu usually break out ? Break the chain of infection! It’s the best defence against the H1N1 virus . Flu often breaks out during the autumn/winter season . Historically, influenza usually spreads in waves The usage of a disposable coverall can help to prevent you and your clothes becoming contaminated by infected material or liquids and potentially transmitting the virus to your direct environment, patients, colleagues and families. It will also help to limit the spread of the virus: • in companies providing critical services to the population that can’t be stopped for an extended...

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Be prepared with Tyvek®... . Can offer a barrier to the virus . Designed to avoid cross-contamination . Closures and seams are tight during exposures & after exposures . Can be disposed of in bio-safe ways TYVEK® Classic Plus, model CHA5 • Hood shape and elastic around hood are designed for tight fit around full face respirator. • Self-adhesive zipper flap with integrated chin flap. • Stretch rubber thumb loop attached to the end of the sleeve. It prevents the suit sleeve from riding up. • Elasticated waist for better fit of garment. Seams: Stitched and overtaped, offering equal barrier as...

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