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Top Drive Fluid Swivels Fluid Swivel Solutions For Top Drive Drilling Systems Designed for distribution of hydraulic power for rotating pipe handlers, DSTI’s fluid swivel & rotary union products are an integral component for top drive drilling systems. Additionally, DSTI provides swivels for washpipe configurations for pumping drilling mud through the system. DSTI provides fluid swivel unions for top drive systems in two key configurations: DSTI’s fluid swivels provide reliable hydraulic & abrasive service for top drive drilling applications. + Multi-passage pipe handler swivels for providing independent hydraulic lines to the pipe handler assembly used to pick and place drill string close to the downhole connection + Washpipe swivels used to pump high pressure abrasive medias + Proprietary High Performance Seal Designs For Rotation Under Pressure + Rated To 5000+ PSI (350 BAR) + Integrated Bearings To Support Side Loading + Multiple Flow Passage & Port Size Options + Specialized Seals For Abrasive Media Service + Variety Of Flange Mounting Options + Engineered To Strict Customer Specifications + 3rd Party Inspection Certification + Specialized Designs For Direct Integration Into Customer Equipment Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc. | main +1 763-404-8000 |

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Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc DSTI specializes in the design and manufacturing of critical oil and gas fluid solutions worldwide. Between our proven technology and long-term experience working with highly complex applications, we aim to achieve our customers' project goals by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and decreasing risks. Our core business segments are fluid rotary unions, electrical slip rings, and value-added products and services providing a singlesource solution from design and manufacturing through to testing and qualification - all under one roof. We conduct our...

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