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DSTI Rotary Union Products O-Ring Face Seal Options O-ring face seal options are available for face-mounting DSTI rotary unions. O-RING FACE SEAL OPTION AVAILABLE FOR: » LT SERIES Please add “-OF” to the part number --- Example: LT-2121-OF » SE SERIES Please add “-OF” to the part number --- Example: SE-1121-OF » GP(S) SERIES (10 & 12 PASSAGE MODELS) Please add “-OF” to the part number --- Example: GP-201-10-OF These passage (port) connections are permanently sealed in the standard configuration. If requested, shaft face O-ring gland connections are available for face mounting a DSTI rotary union. Please add the “-OF” option when ordering. Shaft side porting - standard on all LT, SE and 10/12 passage GP(S) models. If the “-OF” option is requested, these connections will be plugged. main 763.786.3758 | toll free 866.700.3784 | 13829 Jay Street NW, Andover, MN, USA 55304 | www.dsti.com

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