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©ISO 9001:2015 High Pressure Inline (HPI) Swivels Worldwide, DSTI's HPI swivels are utilized to increase hose longevity by reducing torsional load and stress. Designed for offshore service, DSTI's sophisticated and proven design is engineered to withstand ocean currents, reduce torsional loads and other loads induced during production and environment conditions. Working Designed For Bore Sizes Pressures Up To Low Torque Across Ranging From 15,000+ PSI Entire Pressure 1” - 6”+ + Trusted Leader in Fluid Swivels Worldwide, Oil and Gas equipment OEMs and operators count on DSTI performance for a wide range of solutions. We build upon our experience from applications including top drive hydraulic swivels, coiled tubing reel swivels, cement tool swivels, subsea flow line swivels and many other specialized high pressure swivel applications. + Complete Quality Control DSTI swivels are designed, manufactured and qualified to the highest standards all within our North American headquarters + Sealing Technology Our name says it all; our core competency is fluid sealing. It's not just part of a larger package -it's all we do Designed & Qualified To API 16C Designed For Sour Service In Accordance With NACE MR0175 Suitable For Topside & Submerged Environments Pressure & Load Tested To Verify Optimum Performance Exclusive DSTI High Pressure Dual Sealing Technology Capable Of Handling A Wide Range Of Bore Fluids Resistant Alloy Design Approvals API Flange/Hub, (CRA) Overlay In All Available As Grayloc & Other Sealing Areas Required Connections

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©ISO 9001:2015 DSTI HPI Configuration Examples -- Below are some examples of recent projects completed by DSTI. Choke & Kill Swivels^ Mud Line Swivels^ D 3” Bore Dl 15,000 PSI Operations D 3-1/16” API Flange D 22,500 PSI Proof Tested D 1” Bore D 5,650 PSI Operations D 1-13/16” API Flange D 10,000 PSI Proof Tested D 6” Bore Dl 1,500 PSI Operations D 7-1/16” API Hub D 2,250 PSI Proof Tested Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc. | main +1 763-404-8000 | web www.dsti.com

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Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc DSTI specializes in the design and manufacturing of critical oil and gas fluid solutions worldwide. Between our proven technology and long-term experience working with highly complex applications, we aim to achieve our customers' project goals by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and decreasing risks. Our core business segments are fluid rotary unions, electrical slip rings, and value-added products and services providing a singlesource solution from design and manufacturing through to testing and qualification - all under one roof. We conduct our...

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