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Electrical Slip Rings EST Series: Overview 1.5″ Inch Thru-bore for Shaft Mounting Splash Seals for Dust and Moisture Unique Fiber Brush Contact Technology Low Contact Force per Fiber Transfers Analog and Digital Signals Low Electrical Noise Data Speeds Under 50 Megabits / Sec.* Compatible With a Range of Data Bus Protocols The EST Series electrical through bore slip ring is a rotating assembly used to transfer power, control circuits or data (analog / digital) from stationary inlets to rotating outlets. EST Series slip rings feature a 1.5 inch [38.1 mm] through bore for shaft mounting and incorporate low-wear, fiber brush contacts that do not require lubrication producing virtually no wear debris. Standard models are available from 6 to 24 circuits. For Catalogs, Brochures, Models and Drawings visit Operating Speed (max.) Data Speed (max.) Standard Circuit Options Voltage [AC/DC] (max.) Amps Lead Gauge (AWG) Wire Material Electrical Noise (max.) Contact Material Temperature Range * In order to successfully transfer digital data signals, a variety of conditions must be met. Please consult with DSTI for approval. For the most reliable transfer of digital data signals, see our Ethernet slip ring options. DID YOU KNOW? DSTI slip rings can be purchased online at |Electrical Slip Rings Electrical Slip Rings Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc | phone phone 866.700.3784 | store store | web | 866.700.3784 | web | Dynamic Sealing Technologies

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Electrical SlipSlip Rings Electrical Rings EST Series: Dimensions 36" [914 mm] Ø J number of circuits K continuous amps Set-screws for shaft mount (2x) Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc 2 | Electrical Slip Rings Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc | phone 866.700.3784 | web | phone 866.700.3784 | web | store stor

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Electrical Slip Rings Wiring Color Codes: EST Series EST6 Tag # 1 |Electrical Slip Rings Electrical Slip Rings Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc | phone phone 866.700.3784 | store store | web | 866.700.3784 | web | Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc

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Electrical Slip Rings Installation & Mounting PREPARATION: Remove the slip ring from the shipping container. Inspect the entire assembly, including wire leads to make sure there is no visual damage that occurred during transport. RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION PRACTICE: Because of possible geometric mismatching between the customer’s application and the slip ring, “hard mounting” of both ends of the slip ring (i.e., securing the rotor and stator such that there is NO floating during operation) is not recommended and may cause premature failure. THROUGH BORE SLIP RING, SHAFT MOUNT: Position the...

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