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Heavy Equipment Intelligent design and latest generation manufacturing technology allow DSTI to produce the most dependable rotary unions in the industry. DSTI offers simple yet robust solutions designed by engineers focused strictly on developing & manufacturing fluid rotary unions. DSTI rotary unions operate under demanding conditions including high pressure, dirty environments, special fluids, extreme temperature variations and long duty cycles. Applications Providing solutions for demanding environments, DSTI rotary DSTI’s HPI swivels undergo complete tension and bending unions deliver our in-house, isolated load testing chamber. load testing in a perfect blend of precision & durability. High flow - multiple passage options Rugged designs for heavy machinery applications Designs for tunnel boring equipment Specialized designs for high shock load service Designs featuring electrical slip ring integration Tough, load-bearing design integration Specialized Example 1 - designed for a tunnel boring equipment application. Features a specialized rugged design for handling heavy loads as customer equipment navigates through harsh terrain. Specialized Example 2 - designed for a large-scale mining equipment application. Features a customer specified modular design for preventing usage wear and integration into a gear assembly. Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc. | main +1 763-404-8000 | Specialized Example 3 - designed as a direct OEM replacement for a component on a heavy machine application. Features include a customer-specified design that offers increased service life and cost reduction.

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Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc DSTI specializes in the design and manufacturing of application-specific fluid solutions worldwide. Between our proven technology and long-term experience working with highly complex applications, we aim to achieve our customers' project goals by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and decreasing risks. Our core business segments are fluid rotary unions, electrical slip rings, and value-added products and services providing a singlesource solution from design and manufacturing through to testing and qualification - all under one roof. We conduct our...

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