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WL16 - 1

Rated Static Burst to: WL16 in-tank filters meet the HF-4 automotive standard. The quick disconnect cover allows for easy and efficient filter change-outs. An optional secondary inlet port offers the use of a second return line. These units can be top or side reservoir mounted. Use the optional anti-backflow valve when installing this filter assembly to the side of a reservoir. DT high-performance replacement filters are available in five different media grades to fit any application. Beta Rating Porting Size Options Replacement Filter Lengths Filter Collapse Ratings Standard Bypass Ratings Assembly Weight Operating Temperatures

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WL16 - 2

FILTRATION SOLUTIONS All dimensions are shown in millimeters [inches]. Assembly - Side View MALE PIPE ADAPTER 1/8 NPT (GAUGE PORT) 2 PLCS Refer to Filter Choices (Assembly Length)

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WL16 - 3

FILTRATION SOLUTIONS High-Performance DT Filter Choices Media Betax =1000 Length Donaldson DT Number Rating (in./mm) Part No. Filter Notes •All Donaldson DT filters utilize glass fiber media with an epoxy-based resin system for the ultimate In chemical compatibility. •All Donaldson DT filters are potted with epoxy-based adheslves. • Standard collapse designs are double wire-backed using epoxy-coated steel mesh for maximum pleat support and dirt capacity. • Vlton® seals are standard on all Donaldson DT filters. Vlton® Is a registered trademark of E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Company....

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WL16 - 4

FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Filter Head Ordering Guide Filters ordered separately. See previous page for filter options. •Bypass setting option code 3 only **Bypass setting option code 4 only Note: As an alternative, you can stack two or three 9" filters to achieve the 18" or 27" filter length. This configuration requires a connector (No. P167324) inserted between each filter. This product is configured with the specifications and features of your choice. Please contactyour Donaldson sales representative for lead time details. Metric Porting Available Porting code E becomes 1-1/2" SAE 4 bolt...

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