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filtration solutions for vacuum cleaners & sweepers Donaldson has a wealth of expertise within the vacuum and sweeper industry solving challenging filtration problems. We offer both filter media and filter solutions that are engineered to achieve tar­ eted performance levels. g Our Experts serve as an extension to your engineering team offering: • Filtration design, development, prototyping and testing • Wide range of media choices and testing for new applications • Simulation and design modeling for flow, structure and performance • System development and testing You can rely on Donaldson’s team of filtration experts to create market leading filtration solutions. OEMs have come to rely on Donaldson to solve their filtration issues. Donaldson offers flexible solutions customized to OEMs across a wide range of industries. Donaldson’s reputation has been built on its problem solving, quality solutions, and commitment to customers’ satisfaction even after the sale. Donaldson’s worldwide network allows us to provide local support that’s responsive and comprehensive - no matter where it’s needed. A dedicated team of OEM account managers and engineers stands ready to solve even the most complex filtration issue.

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powercore® media technology Donaldson’s PowerCore is a revolutionary air filtration media technology invented by Donaldson in the 1980’s. PowerCore media technology is integral to the dramatic downsizing of the PowerCore filter. PowerCore filters combine Ultra-Web nanofiber technology with Donaldson’s media configuration expertise. As a result, a more effective filtration area is packaged into smaller spaces. You gain equal dust capacity in significantly less space, freedom to design unique configurations to tight spots, and overall design simplicity. The configuration of the flutes can be...

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MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES Donaldson offers a variety of media technology to suit a range of vacuum and floor cleaning applica- tions. Our best-selling filter solutions are highlighted below. The multi-layered anti-microbial ePTFE HEPA filter media provides improved odor control and is specifically designed for vacuum cleaner air filtration cartridge application, but can also be used for a variety of other filtration systems. HEPA & High Filtration Efficiency Tetratex® ePTFE Membrane Anti-Odor Media Antimicrobial Media ePTFE HEPA Membrane Technology Tetratex® ePTFE Membrane • Eliminates the...

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DONALDSON'S BIOADVANTAGE™ BIOAdvantage™ is Donaldson's BlOantimicrobial protection against stains, odors and product around sample Vacuums and sweepers are designed to pick up small particles. Add humidity or moisture and you have the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and mold which all cause allergies and viruses. BIOAdvantage™ is Donaldson's antimi- crobial protection against: Microorganisms such as bacteria mold spores, stains and odors. Treated with Donaldson's BIOAdvantage™ Technology These samples were tested for efficiency against mold using the AATCCTest Method 30, Part...

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