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Unicell Dust Collectors - 2

Precisely The Right Fit Unicell dust collectors are more efficient and cost effective than ever. Only available fromDonaldson, Unicell dust collectors now have fewer components and in most instances provide up to 25 percent more media. One of the most user-friendly and highly efficient dust collectors on the market, Unicell delivers unparalleled performance in a variety of units tailored to a wide range of filtration needs. Unicell accommodates a variety of applications and air volumes in small and largemanufacturing operations alike. Unicells design conserves valuable manufacturing plant...

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Unicell Dust Collectors - 3

Filtration Engineered for Performance When you need an innovative and highly efficient dust filtration solution, turn to thedust collector designed with the user in mindDonaldsonגs Unicell. Effective Filtration Unicellfilter elements are at the heart of the Unicell range of collectors, designed for high filtration levels with each element providing 5m Օ Compact Footprint Modular, self-contained Unit range ofUnicell collectors occupy minimal floor space and fit virtually any modern manufacturing plant design. > 2 Օ of effective filtrationarea and constructed of wide pleat spun-bonded...

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Unicell Dust Collectors - 4

ModelFiltrationFiltration AreaNo. of TiersAreaper element (m > 2 )Filters C10-310m > 2 521C20-320m > 2 541C30-330m > 2 561C40-340m > 2 582C50-350m > 2 5102C60-360m > 2 5122C75-375m > 2 5153C90-390m > 2 5183 DescriptionMediaArea DimensionsTempCon-End CapM > 2 Limitductive > UNC Unicell260g Spunbonded 5.070x475x100460˚CNoPolyurethaneCartridge, Std 5.0m 2 PolyesterUNCUnicellCartridge,260g Anti-Static 5.070x475x100460˚CYesPolyurethaneAnti-Static 5.0m 2 Spunbonded Polyester(in metal tray)UNC Unicell Tobacco260g Spunbonded 5.070x475x100460˚CNoEpoxy ResinCartridge, Std 5.0m 2 PolyesterUNC Unicell...

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Unicell Dust Collectors - 5

Standard Features and Options Standard Features ForUnicell Range Media Options For Unicell Range Proven technologyՕReverse jet cleaning for continuousoperationCircular inlet for easy connection to incoming ductworkՕFork lifting facility for ease of installationWide range of fans to suit every applicationՕNo-tool filter replacement for ease of maintenance Spun-bonded polyester with anti-static optionՕTetratex with anti-static optionElements suitable for tobacco applicationswith anti-static optionՕElements with no silicon for flour productapplications with anti-static option Equipment Options...

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