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TT15/30/60 - 1

FILTRATION SOLUTIONS TT15/30/60 Tank Top Return Spin-On Filters TT15/30/60TankTop filters are designed for industrial service. Aluminum casting and Buna-N® seals standard. For use with mineral and synthetic based fluids. These return filters conveniently mount to tank tops with four screws. Common holes are used to mount the filter head to the reservoir without welding. A down pipe is attached to a threaded port and the gasket surface provides a watertight seal. Each filter provides a new bypass valve and anti-drainback valve for easy filter change. 3una-N® is a registered trademark of E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Company Beta Rating Porting Size Options Replacement Filter Lengths Standard Bypass Ratings Operating Temperatures Assembly Weight Filter Choices Media Beta» = =1000 Length Donaldson Filter Description Type Rating (in./mm) Part# Thread 10 Micron Nominal Cellulose 23 um 5.36/ 136 P565242 BSP TT15 Series 10 Micron Nominal Cellulose 23 um 7.05/ 179 P550269 VÁ" BSP TT30 Series

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TT15/30/60 - 2

FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Head Choices Gauge Ports Gauge Port upstream side Donaldson Description upstream side * Bypass valve is integral part of replacement filter ** Included with head. Optional Filter Service Indicators Return indicator, color-coded Return indicator, electrical Return indicator, color-coded * NOT PRESET: Setting adjustable for desired application minimize damage caused • Compatible with based fluids 2. Remove small brass screw 3. Using 1/8" alien wrench adjust clockwise to increase All dimensions are shown in inches [millimeters]. Assembly - Side View Adjustment screw elee,...

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