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Torit powercore - cp series smaller. smarter collectors. Torit® PowerCore® dust collection technology from Donaldson® Torit® outperforms traditional baghouse collectors and does so in less space. In one extremely small and powerful package, the Torit PowerCore dust collector handles high airflow, high grain loading, challenging particulate and fits into the smallest places. The filter changeout is remarkably quick, easy and clean compared to the process for traditional bag filters. Innovative Torit PowerCore dust collectors combine award-winning PowerCore filter packs with a new proprietary...

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Torit powercore - cp series outperforms traditional baghouse collectors Today’s streamlined and lean manufacturing facilities demand peak performance even within the smallest spaces. Torit PowerCore space-saving dust collectors are available as stand-alone models that can be ducted to many different applications, as well as bin vent models used on applications like silos, conveyor transfer points, conveyor discharges, blenders and mixers. Compared to traditional baghouse collectors with similar airflow capacities, Torit PowerCore CPC dust collectors (as shown on previous page) are up to 50%...

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Torit powercore - cp series smaller. smarter filters. PowerCore Filter Pack—Not A Bag, Not a Cartridge An entirely new approach to dust collectors, the PowerCore filter pack is small, lightweight, and easily handled by one person. Donaldson’s PowerCore technology allows more effective filter area to be packaged in a smaller space: one 7” x 22” (178 x 559 millimeters) PowerCore filter pack contains as much filtering area as 6 eight-foot-long (2.4 meters) traditional filter bags. And the filter media inside PowerCore filter packs is our well-proven Ultra-Web advanced nanofiber technology....

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Torit powercore - cp series innovative media technology Leading the way with powercore At the Core is PowerCore. PowerCore filter packs combine proprietary Ultra-Web nanofiber technology with Donaldson’s media configuration expertise. The result is a revolutionary filtration technology unlike anything else in the industrial filtration market. Open Flute an open flute on the dirty air side of the filter pack. air exits the filter pack through a flute that is open on the clean air side of the filter pack. sealed on the opposite end, air is forced to pass through the filter media into an...

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Torit powercore - cp series powercore filter packs – engineered to perform Technology That Performs for over 25 years Donaldson Torit Ultra-Web technology has delivered high efficiency filters that last. PowerCore filter packs with Ultra-Web are engineered to perform, balancing high efficiencies with long filter life. Outstanding performance Lower Emissions with PowerCore Filter Packs Torit PowerCore CP Series systems with PowerCore filter packs deliver outstanding performance with PM 2.5 emissions below 0.001 grains per cubic foot, per EPA Method 27 and EPA Method 5i. Torit Powercore CP...

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Torit powercore - cp series optimized as a system Smarter filter cleaning Torit PowerCore collectors include a new proprietary compact pulse cleaning system designed to match the pulse energy to the obround shape of the PowerCore filter pack. The resulting pulse flow effectively covers the entire media pack. It easily pulses the dust out of the fluted channels, keeping the pressure drop low and prolonging filter life. Compact Pulse Cleaning System CPV-1 Compact Oblique Pulse Cleaning System CPV-2 through CPV-12 Sophisticated Modeling Providing optimized pulse cleaning, the pulse accumulator...

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Torit powercore - cp series making maintenance easier Smaller, Better, Smarter Torit PowerCore can reduce your cost of dust collection resulting in significant operational savings. An application previously requiring (81) 8-foot (2.4 meter) bag filters now needs only (12) 7-inch-tall (177.8 mm) PowerCore filter packs. Fewer filters mean lower filter changeout costs and faster changeouts. The smaller collector means lower installation costs and less factory floor or bin space consumption. Labor Cost Time Savings* Labor Savings* PowerCore Filter Packs * Savings are based on one changeout....

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Torit powercore - cp series how smaller means smarter operation Smart results in many ways • C ollectors weigh less, so shipping costs are lower T here are no bag filters or cages to ship and install separately E asier filter pack changeouts save time and money A irflow design prevents dust bridging between filter packs, creating less maintenance required A irflow patterns minimize abrasion, preventing leaks and maintenance common with abrasive dust A CPV-2 is 70% smaller than a traditional bin vent making shipping easy and reducing freight costs. Installation costs Installation Costs The...

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TORIT POWERCORE - CP SERIES MATERIAL HANDLING SMARTER SOURCE FILTRATION Torit PowerCore CPV bin vent collectors are easily integrated into a variety of material-handling applications—even in tight spaces—providing source filtration that saves money and energy. SOURCE COLLECTION WITH TORIT POWERCORE CAN PROVIDE: • Lower initial costs: freight, installation, and • Product will stay in the process, eliminating waste ducting are all reduced streams and costly recycle systems • Reduced energy consumption as air and dust aren't moved unnecessarily through long ducting runs Blender/Mixer Silo/Bin...

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Torit powercore - cp series D ust-laden air enters the collector through the dirty air inlet and is directed upward through the filter packs H eavier particulate falls directly into the hopper or bin below A ir is filtered through the filter packs and directed out the clean air outlet W hen pressure drop exceeds a pre-set point, the compact pulse system sends a pulse of cleaning air back through the filter packs and thoroughly cleans the media flutes Clean Air Outlet High Pressure Air Dust Disposal Normal Operation for CPV-1 Model Filter Cleaning Operation for CPV-1 Model Normal Operation...

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