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FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Reservoir Accessories Suction Strainers Flow Range: 0-300 gpml 0-1,140 Ipm Outlet Port Size: 3/8 NPT to 4" NPT Stainless Steel Mesh Steel or nylon fittings Operating temperatures: Relief valve available Donaldson suction strainers are zinc-plated, with stainless steel mesh screens and rugged steel core centers epoxy bonded to heavy gauge connector and end caps. Suction strainers filter petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, phosphate esters, water glycols, lubricating oils, coolants, fuels and water in fluid reservoirs, sumps and similar applications. They are cleanable and reusable. Clean by swishing in non-caustic solvent, then blow dry from inner diameter to outer diameter with compressed air. Flow Rate (L/Min) SEH/SEC (Steel Fitting) 3-100 Flow Rate (L/Min) Flow Rate (L/Min) Note: PEC and SEH model strainers have hex nut style outlet fittings. SEC model strainers have pipe coupling style (round) outlet fittings. All styles have NPT threads inside nyuiaunu rniidiiuii •

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Reservoir Accessories FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Suction Strainer Choices Relief Valve Pipe Size Mesh Size Screen Area

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FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Reservoir Accessories Tank Mounted Strainers Outlet Port Size: 3/8 NPT to VÁ" NPT • 140 Micron Stainless Steel Mesh • Cast iron NPT bushing • Relief valve available Tank mounted strainers offer easy installation. Access to reservoir interior is not needed. You can mount these units through a sidewall or through the tank top and into a standpipe. Donaldson Description Relief Valve Wire Dim. A Dim. B Dim. C Dim. D Dim. E Screen Area Max. Flow Part No. Setting Mesh Size (in./mm) (in./mm) (in./mm) (sq. in./sq. cm) (gpm/lpm)

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Reservoir Accessories FILTRATION SOLUTIONS • Perforated Steel • Cast iron bushings (TMD-tank mount) • Zinc-plated steel (DFD-return line) Diffusers are highly effective in reducing aeration, foaming, turbulence and noise caused by return lines. Reservoir baffles can usually be eliminated, provided that the holes in the tube are positioned facing away from the pump suction inlet and below the reservoir oil level. Can be vertically or horizontally mounted with discharge side directed away from suction and preferably toward a tank wall or bottom. Tank Mounted Diffuser (TMD) TMD - Tank Mount...

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