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SENSOR VENTS Integrated Venting Solutions PROTECTING SENSORS Sensors are being used in exciting new applications. Advances in digital signal processing and MEMs have brought sensor technology to an ever-expanding universe of applications. In many cases, design engineers must devise cost-effective means of contamination control and corrosion resistance to prevent the generation of erroneous signals and protect delicate components of the sensing elements. Donaldson filtration technology can provide this protection while still allowing gases, vapors, and pressure to be Donaldson vents, like this circular one, increase the reliability of sensors DESIGNING SOLUTIONS Donaldson technology can provide the most cost-effective solution to your micro-electronics contamination problems. Our filtration experts will work with you to customize the optimum filters to meet your application requirements. Contaminated Inflow Donaldson Filter Media Filtered Outflow Donaldson Treated Absorbent Donaldson can provide prototypes for customers to test. These prototypes can be used to refine filtration techniques, modify system designs, and optimize engineering specifications to ensure proper system performance. Donaldson also has the capability to manufacture injection-molded filter housings with filter media over-molded or welded into the housing, as well as a label-style vent for easy

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SENSOR VENTS CONTAMINATION CONTROL FOR MICRO-ELECTRONICS There are many forms of contamination in the environment that can reduce the reliability of sensors. Control strategies are summarized below. • Corrosion • Custom Formulated Adsorbent Blends (Treated • Signal degradation Activated Carbon) PROVIDING CRITICAL RESOURCES Donaldson has the analytical and engineering resources to make your product a success. • Filter Efficiency Testing V • Device Level Characterization V • Adsorbent Surface Area Analysis V • Adsorbent Isotherm Characterization V • Adsorbent Capacity Testing V • Diffusion...

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