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Powercore® Smaller. Smarter dust collectors - 2

Changing the World of Dust Collection Outperforming Dust Collection Technology The PowerCore® dust collection technology from alone models that can be ducted to many different Donaldson outperforms every traditional baghouse applications, and as bin vent models used on silos, and cartridge collector and does so in less space. In conveyer transfer points, conveyer discharges blen- one extremely small but powerful package the PowerCore® dust collectors are available as stand- PowerCore dust collectors handle high airflow, heavy dust loading, challenging particulate and fit The whole range...

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Smaller, Smarter Dust Collectors PowerCore® Advantages • Smaller. Due to smaller footprint less floor process.The clean-side filter access and fewer, space is required and mounting next to the lighter filters enable an easy filter changeout and are therefore very service-friendly. • ost effective. Installation is faster and easier C • Smarter. PowerCore filter packs with Ultra-Web® technology provide higher efficiency with less because the PowerCore system arrives mostly emissions and an improved filtration performance. assembled and there are no bags or cages to install separately. Due to...

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A new Standard in Dust Collection It is not a cartridge. It is not a bag. PowerCore® Lower Emissions with PowerCore® Filter Packs filter packs take proprietary Ultra-Web® nanofibre But not only the filtration performance sets a new filter media and form it into flutes that collect parti- standard. Also the filtration efficiencies are outstan- cles without depth-loading. The new Donaldson ding and help to meet emission goals. technology allows handling more air through the same amount of media than conventional filter bags or cartridges and therewith enables the extreme downsizing....

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PowerCore® with Ultra-Web® Media Breakthrough Technology unfolds At the core is filtration technology from Donaldson. PowerCore filter packs combine proprietary bre technology with new media packaging expertise, creating a revolutionary filtration technology unlike anything else in the industrial filtration market. Fluted channels are alternately sealed allowing air to enter through an open flute and forcing it to exit out an adjacent flute Clean air Filter media is formed into flutes – these flutes are layered to give a tight, rugged structure to the filter High Performance Filter Packs...

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Changing Expectations PowerCore® CP Series Replacing PowerCore® filter packs is as easy as 1-23. PowerCore filter packs are lightweight and accessed from the clean side of the collector. Easy. Fast. Clean. No tools or cages required! PowerCore® CP Filter Pack Replacement Lift up filter access door. (Clean side of the system) Lift up the filter retainer. Count on significant Savings Now you can significantly lower your costs of dust Lift out the filter pack for an easy replacement. PowerCore® CP Filter Packs versus Traditional Filter Bags collection. An application requiring 81 filter bags...

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Powercore® Smaller. Smarter dust collectors - 7

Easy Maintenance PowerCore® VH Series The innovative design uses a monorail to align the The system features an innovative dynamic seal filter packs. Therewith an incompara- around the filter pack in order to minimize the num- ble easy filter exchange is enabled, only requiring ber of parts required to position and hold the filter one person. The filter packs are accessed from the pack. It also allows to reduce the exposure of the clean air side of the collector and no special tools operator to dust by minimizing the openings for the PowerCore® VH Filter Pack Replacement Open filter access...

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Powercore® Smaller. Smarter dust collectors - 8

The Right Airflow Management The design of the PowerCore® collectors and pulse cleaning hardware is a result of Donaldson’s com- Optimized Flow Dynamics Inlet mitment to technical research and development. FLUENT®* Airflow Modeling Software was extensively used to optimize the flow dynamics within the system in order to achieve the best combination of performance, airflow capacity and overall energy consumption. The inlet pattern and outlet connections have been designed and positioned to maximize the flow distribution around the filter pack surface. *FLUENT® is a registered trademark of...

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Powercore® Smaller. Smarter dust collectors - 9

Operation Excellence PowerCore® VH Series Zero-Turn Pulse Cleaning System We call it Zero-Turn because the pulsed air is blown directly into the filter for maximum cleaning effec- Filter Pack Filter Pack tiveness. The V configuration of the PowerCore® filter packs aligns the flutes in a near vertical formation allowing the dust to be pulsed directly into the hopper, preventing pulsed dust from being reentrained on adjacent filter packs. Other collectors don’t feature this directional alignment. Pulsed dust is shot directly into the hopper Dirty air enters through the pre-separator, which...

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Powercore® Smaller. Smarter dust collectors - 10

In a typical Baghouse Collector Bridging can start at the top of the filter bags, Air flows in through the bottom face of the where they aren’t cleaned very effectively. It contin- PowerCore filter packs, so that dust doesn’t accu- ues to build until the entire collector is packed full mulate between them and bridging can’t get start- of dust. Dust collected on the top of the bag may ed. Each flute in the 178 mm deep filter pack is need to be pulsed multiple times before it leaves effectively and fully cleaned with every pulse. No material bridging possible No material bridging possible...

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Standard Features and Options PowerCore® CP Series Housing PowerCore® VH Series Standard Carbon steel – painted EPDM gaskets Zinc plated hardware Straight round to square inlet collector* Easy filter access (Multi-scoop / no tools required) Cold temperature environment design -40 °C Oblique power pulse cleaning system antistatic with Straight round to square inlet collector ZERO-Turn power pulse cleaning system PowerCore® with Ultra-Web® Silencing pack PowerCore® FR (Flame-Retardant) with Ultra-Web® IPC dP 4-20mA Electrical pre-wired system: no on-site wiring Electrical pre-wired system: no...

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