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PowerCore® Filtration Technology Delivers Improved Filtration Performance Greater Efficiency The straight-through fluted design of PowerCore Filtration Technology is three times more efficient than average conventional pleated filters Engine Protection No media movement, expansion, contraction or bunching, with less dust and dirt passed on to the engine Contaminant Encapsulation Dust and dirt won't dislodge during servicing PowerCore Filtration Technology Greater surface area - up to 2x more than Clean air a pleated filter travels on to your engine Fluted channels are alternately sealed allowing air to enter through an open flute and forcing it to exit out an adjacent flute Design Differentiation The design of the U.S. and internationally patented housings, filters and filter media are key to Donaldson PowerCore Filtration Technology (additional patents pending). Donaldson has been manufacturing air cleaners with PowerCore Filtration Technology since 1999. There are millions of filters installed on various types of equipment throughout the world. Filter media is formed into flutes - these flutes are layered to give tight, rugged structure to the filter Dust Holding Capacity _ E Gain over 100% more >- dust-holding capacity in a given volume. ■*—> 00 =J O 05 .> — 05 cc Dirty air travels in and is filtered in one pass through the media Overall Efficiency Improved filtration efficiency. Engine Air Cleaners, Accessories & Service Parts • 15

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PSD Air Cleaner Millions of PowerCore® Filters Installed on Original Equipment! Three times more efficient than average conventional pleated paper filters This new air cleaner family offers two-stage filtration in a single, compact unit that delivers superior filtration performance using our PowerCore® Filtration Technology. This non-metal air cleaner (except for cover clamps) is ideal for equipment operating in medium to heavy dust environments. When you request PowerCore Filtration Technology, you will gain... Equal or better performance in a small package – the freedom to design unique...

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PSD Air Cleaner Excellent Performance in Half the Space Applications • Off-road equipment operating in medium to heavy dust conditions with engine airflow ranges up to 915 cfm • Obround housing shape allows for a narrow or wide mounting orientation. Models have either end or side filter service access • Sustained temperature tolerance: -40º to 180°F / -40º to 82°C • More compact at a given performance level than standard pleated filters • Non-metal filters - both primary and safety (where applicable) • Improved engine protection: no media movement, expansion, contraction or bunching •...

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jgl Donaldson. FILTRATION SOLUTIONS PSD08 Models - Service Access on End (Vertical Model Shown) When spec'ing an Air Cleaner... Determine the airflow requirements of your engine, then find the corresponding cfm airflow in the table at right. The restriction numbers (shown in inches of water) indicate the approximate initial restriction of each model air cleaner at that cfm. If there are two air cleaner models thatfit your parameters, choosing the one with the lowest restriction will provide longest filter service life. When calculating total initial restriction of the entire air intake...

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Donaldson. FILTRATION SOLUTIONS PSD Air Cleaner UPDATED 30 MARCH 2010 PowerCore® Air Cleaners PSD Specifications (Letters are keyed to drawings) Orientation: H=Horizontal; V=Vertical Part No. / A B C D E F G H I Weight MODELS WITH SERviCE ACCESS ON END MODELS WITH SERvICE ACCESS ON SIDE Access cover and outlet tube rotated 180° compared to view shown in the D100072 photo above. Engine Air Cleaners, Accessories & Service Parts • 19

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Donaldson. FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Note: Your air cleaner service cover may be in a different position than shown. Side Service End Service Access Models Access Models Shut off engine. Unlatch and remove the housing service cover. 2 Remove primary filter. Pull the filter out of housing. For side service access models: you must first loosen the filter gasket seal. Using the handle, push down on the filter to loosen the seal, which will tilt the filter to approximately a 5° angle. Note: Remove any excess dirt and white out the housing before removing the safety (or secondary) filter. 3...

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PSD Air Cleaner Service Instructions Side Service Access Models End Service Access Models If replacing safety/secondary filter, use the plastic handle on the safety filter, slide the filter at an angle into the outlet side and push in place until the filter seats firmly and evenly within the housing. Plastic Handle Safety Filter Positioning Tab Location Note: On side service access models, insert the safety filter tab into the positioning slot before pushing the filter in place. Insert the primary filter. For end service access (PSD08) models, slide the filter into the housing until the...

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PSD Air Cleaner Service Parts • Engine Air Cleaners, Accessories & Service Parts

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