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Power Generation - 1

FILTRATION SOLUTIONS FILTRATION SOLUTIONS FOR THE POWER INDUSTRY Tetratex® ePTFE Membrane Filter Media Creating Safer and Cleaner Environments

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Power Generation - 2

ABOUT DONALDSON MEMBRANES Donaldson Membranes is a leading worldwide manufacturer of expanded microporous PTFE membranes, films and laminates. We are a technology driven company committed to satisfying customer needs through innovative research and development, with production and sales offices located throughout Europe, America and Asia. Donaldson places great emphasis on high quality manufacturing and customer service and has been accredited ISO9001 and environmental certificate ISO14001, testaments to our high standards. WHAT IS TETRATEX®? Fabric filters are an intrinsic part of many...

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Power Generation - 3

FILTRATION CHALLENGES Tetratex filter media can enhance the performance of your fabric filter by utilizing surface filtration technology as opposed to traditional depth filtration methods. ATetratex Reduced Emissions Near-zero emissions can be achieved due to the microporous structure of the membrane. Particulate is collected on the surface, reducing environmental emissions within regulatory limits. Significant savings in power consumption can be achieved by maintaining required airflow at a reduced filter DP Surface filtration principles inhibit particle migration resulting in increased...

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Power Generation - 4

DEPTH VS SURFACE FILTRATION There are two key functions of a solid/gas filter – the capture of dust particles in the gas stream and the maintenance of gas flow through the media employed. For any filter media to operate effectively, it must satisfy on both these counts. For collection to be effected, any individual particle in the gas stream must be slowed, intercepted and collected on or within the filter media. In the case of conventional filter fabrics the interstices between the fibers within the structure of the media are often considerably larger than the particles to be collected....

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Power Generation - 5

IN PARTNERSHIP - APPLICATION SUPPORT Donaldson Membranes is committed to working closely with partners to provide comprehensive technical and sales support. Quality Solutions Our experience in innovative design, manufacturing, filtration knowledge and technical support will help you and your organisation to succeed. Expertise & Experience Having an enviable resource of more than thirty years of dry filtration experience, Donaldson Membranes is able to provide a thorough and educated evaluation of your system process to best determine the most suitable Tetratex filter media solution. Working...

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Power Generation - 6

TETRATEX REDUCES ENERGY CONSUMPTION AT SWEDISH BIOMASS INCINERATOR Tetratex High Efficiency Woven Glass filter media provided trouble-free performance on a waste-to-energy plant at a paper mill. • Fuel: Paper Sludge •Total Filtration Area: 35,325ft2/3,283m2 • Gas Volume: 109,000 CFM/185,200 Am3/h • Inlet Dust Loading: 390 gr/ft2/60g/Nm3 • Operating Temperature: 392°F/200°C Peak • Particulate Emissions: <.004 g/SDF3/<10mg/Nm3 Results • The client is extremely satisfied with the Tetratex filter media • Reduced maintenance costs • Reduced energy consumption • Increased system throughput...

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Power Generation - 7

TETRATEX REDUCES EMISSIONS AT GERMANY BIOMASS POWER PLANT Tetratex High Efficiency Woven Glass filter media has helped to improve filter bag life and reduce environmental emission levels. Due to technical issues in the process, the baghouse was not in use for a year, after which time the only sleeves still intact in the filter chambers were the #6255 Tetratex Ultra High Efficiency bags; the alternative PPS bags had become tarnished and stressed. • Operating Temperature: 500°F/260°C Peak • Total Filtration Area: 5085ft2/472m2 Results • 6 year bag life to date • Achievement of 14 MW/h, as a...

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Power Generation - 8

*Product matrix correct as of October 2012; this chart is subject to change at any time without prior notice. America Donaldson Membranes 85 Railroad Drive Ivyland, PA 18974 Tel: +01 215-396-8349 membranes-usa@donaldson.com For further information please contact: Europe Donaldson Filter Components Ltd Oslo Road, Sutton Fields Estate Hull, HU7 0YN Tel: +44 1482 835213 membranes-europe@donaldson.com www.donaldsonmembranes.com Southeast Asia Donaldson Membranes No. 3 Changi Business Park Vista #02-00 Singapore 486051 Tel: +65 6349 8168 membranes.asia@donaldson.com Donaldson Membranes 2015. All...

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