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Process Filtration From Pure to Sterile(P)-GS N MAIN FEATURES & BENEFITS: • High dirt holding capacity at low differential pressure and high flow rate • Regenerable by Back-flushing or ultrasonication • Excellent material resistance towards Steam and aggressive media • Down to 0,01 ^m in saturated steam • Welded version approved for Food Contact Use acc. to CFR Title 21 & 1935/2004/EC INDUSTRIES: Dairy Food & Beverage Industry Fermentation Pharmaceutical Industry Chemical Industry Donaldson Filtration Deutschland GmbH Bussingstr. 1 42781 Haan Germany

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(P)-GS N PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The (P)-GS N filter consists of a regenerable pleated stainless steel filter matrix in a stainless steel cartridge. The retention rate extends from 1 pm to 25 pm. Typical applications for (P)-GS N filter elements include: The (P)-GS N filter retains contaminants, such as particles, abrasion of valves and sealings as well as rust. An improved steam quality ensures longer service life of the filters to be sterilized and increases the efficiency of the entire process. The (P)-GS N filter element offers the possibility of a particularly economic filtration, since...

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(P)-GS N PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Product Specification Temperature Range Maximum Differential Pressure (Flow Direction: Outside to Inside) Donaldson Ultrafilter - 3 -PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS & RETENTION RATES

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Process Filtration (P)-GS N MATERIAL COMPLIANCE USA All components of the (P)-GS N filter element are FDA listed for food contact use in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21. For applications without requirement of FDA approval, a cost-effective version with plastic steel potting is available. Filter Materials Filter Matrix: Support: End Caps: O-Rings: Alternatively: All products have been inspected and released by Quality Assurance as having met the following requirements: All fi lters are fabricated without the use of binders, adhesives, additives or surface-active agents. All...

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Process Filtration FLOW CHARACTERISTICS Initial Diff. Pressure [mbar] Initial Diff. Pressure [mbar] FLOW CHARACTERISTICS

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(P)-GS N AVAILABLE END CAP CONFIGURATIONS Dimensions (CODE 7 connection): CODE 7: 2 x 226 o-rings, bayonet 2 locking tabs, Dimensions (uf plug connection): * Plug-type connection with double o-ring ** Correction factor Filtration surface & Flow rate Technical alterations reserved 04/2009 For information on integrity test equipment or integrity test services, please contact your Donaldson Sales Engineer and visit our website at www.donaldson.com!

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