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Technical Data Sheet Page 1 of 3 Oilfreepac® 2000 Standard Oilfreepac® 2000 Superplus Mini (Type 0005 to 0025) Complete purification package including adsorption dryer, activated carbon adsorber, pre-, afterfilter and condensate drain The Oilfreepac® 2000 purification packages are purification units based on adsorption dryers Ultrapac® 2000 to supply clean, dry and oilfree compressed air. Compressed air is led through the inlet of the unit (J) and across the prefilter (2). At this stage, the air is cleaned from particles and condensate. The condensate is removed via a membrane condensate drain(5). Via the lower shuttle valve (8) the air is led into desiccant cartridges (1) in which the air is dried down to a pressure dew point of –40°C (equivalent to a remaining water content of 0.11 g/m3). In the following activated carbon purification stage (9) oil vapours, hydrocarbons, taste and odours are adsorbed to a level far below 0,003 mg/m3. The final particle filter (3) removes all particles which might be carried over from the adsorption stages. While one vessel with desiccant cartridges is in the drying phase (adsorption), the other cartridge is being dried again (regeneration). A partial stream of dried air is expanded to atmospheric pressure via an orifice (6) and led across the desiccant cartridge for regeneration and via a solenoid valve and a silencer system to atmosphere. Reg.air flow average in m3/h (1 bar, 20°C) Pressure loss initial mbar * Related to 1 bar (abs) and 20 °C at intake of compressor and 7 bar (g) and 35 °C inlet temperature Technical alterations reserved (R05/ 2009/07/02) Donaldson Filtration Deutschland GmbH · Industrial Filtration Solutions · Büssingstraße 1 · D-42781 Haan · Telefon +49/21 29/569-0 · Telefax +49/21 29/569-100

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Technical Data Sheet Oilfreepac® 2000 Standard Mini / Superplus Mini Features Oilfreepac® 2000: Product description: Purification package including adsorption dryer, activated carbon adsorber, pre-, afterfilter and automatic condensate drain Turnkey system, no additional installation costs; all components from one hand, therefore perfect technical match Compressed air quality better than on any „oilfree“ installation Use is highly sensitive production possible (food-, beverage-, electronic industry etc.) Oilfreepac® 2000 Standard and Superplus: Complete purification package including...

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Technical Data Sheet Page 3 of 3 Oilfreepac® 2000 Standard Mini Oilfreepac® 2000 Superplus Mini A

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