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*gl Donaldson. FILTRATION SOLUTIONS FILTRATION SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES Tetratex® ePTFE Membrane Filter Media: • Optimizes filter performance • Increases bag life and production rates • Reduces downtime

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ABOUT DONALDSON MEMBRANES Donaldson Membranes is a leading worldwide manufacturer of expanded microporous PTFE membranes, films and laminates. A technology–driven company committed to satisfying customer needs through innovative research and development, with production and sales offices located throughout Europe, America and Asia. Donaldson places great emphasis on high quality manufacturing and customer service and has been accredited ISO9001 and environmental certificate ISO14001, testaments to our high standards. WHAT IS TETRATEX®? Fabric filters are an intrinsic part of many industrial...

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TETRATEX: DELIVERING OPERATIONAL SAVINGS Tetratex ePTFE membrane filter media can bring about a wide range of benefits for your fabric filter baghouse, the unique structure of our membrane prevents the penetration of fine dusts into the supporting substrate and facilitates excellent cleanability due to their non-stick characteristics. INCREASE Airflow Filter bag life Product collection Ability to handle sticky/moist dust DECREASE Particulate emissions Baghouse pressure drop Cleaning regime Maintenance costs Element changes TETRATEX: THE SOLUTION TO YOUR PRODUCTION CHALLENGES Reduced Energy...

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REDUCING PRESSURE DROP - INCREASING AIRFLOW - REDUCING EMISSIONS Pressure Drop All too often, baghouse pressure drop is the primary cause of frustration for operators seeking to improve extraction or airflow through their filtration system. Whether to increase throughput and increase production rates or to improve extraction from a dust source, baghouse pressure drop will ultimately dictate matters. Achieving Balance Ordinarily, increasing airflow results in a similar increase in filter differential pressure (DP), with conventional filter media being unable to clean effectively at the...

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REDUCING PRESSURE DROP - INCREASING AIRFLOW - REDUCING EMISSIONS Depth Filtration Particles penetrate the structure of the media and form a filter cake on the surface Surface Filtration Particles are collected on the surface of the membrane Whilst inhibiting penetration of fine dust particles into the structure of the media assists airflow, it also allows exceptionally low particulate emission levels to be achieved. Where appropriate membrane selection, application understanding and element manufacturing expertise are brought together, near-zero emission levels are commonplace. Not only...

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Industrial Filtration - 6

Chemicals Increasing collection efficiencies, reducing energy consumption and environmental emissions are three of the greatest challenges facing the chemical industry today. Donaldson Membranes can help overcome these challenges by providing Tetratex® ePTFE membrane filter media at a low-cost to meet the increasingly demanding nature of the Chemicals process dedusting applications. Tetratex delivers... • Improved particulate collection efficiencies • Reduced energy consumption & emissions • Increased productivity • Increased filter element life

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Industrial Filtration - 7

Process: Electric Arc Furnace Media: Tetratex Ultra High Efficiency Polyester Felt Summary: Lifetime of media was increased by 400% Metals Whether it be primary manufacture or secondary recycling, the production and processing of metals, brings with it a wide variety of filtration challenges. Hot gases, fine dust and aggressive process conditions are all problems that can be solved by employing Tetratex ePTFE membrane filter media. Industry leaders are benefiting from the use ofTetratex in their baghouses. Tetratex delivers... • Optimisation of extraction • Increased filter element life •...

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Industrial Filtration - 8

TETRATEX CONTACT® - EU & FDA COMPLIANT MEMBRANE FILTER MEDIA In food processing hygiene, quality and consumer protection are critically important. Tetratex Contact® ePTFE membrane filter media provides complete confidence. Minimising migration and contamination risks for food processing. Tetratex Contact is believed to be the only EU & FDA regulation compliant ePTFE membrane filtration products available for food processing applications. Benefits of Using Tetratex Contact • Elimination of migration and contamination concerns as well as safe ingredient reclamation. Certified for repeat food...

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IN PARTNERSHIP - APPLICATION SUPPORT Donaldson Membranes is committed to working closely with partners to provide comprehensive technical and sales support. Quality Solutions Our experience in innovative design, manufacturing, filtration knowledge and technical support will help you and your organisation to succeed. Expertise & Experience Having an enviable resource of more than thirty years of dry filtration experience, Donaldson Membranes is able to provide a thorough and educated evaluation of your system process to best determine the most suitable Tetratex filter media solution. Working...

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*Product matrix correct as of November 2013; this chart is subject to change at any time without prior notice. America Donaldson Membranes 85 Railroad Drive Ivyland, PA 18974 Tel: +01 215-396-8349 For further information please contact: Europe Donaldson Filter Components Ltd Oslo Road, Sutton Fields Estate Hull, HU7 0YN Tel: +44 1482 835213 Asia Donaldson (Wuxi) Filter Co Ltd 15/Floor,Tower One, New Richport Centre, No.763, Mengzi Road, 200023, Shanghai Tel: +86 21 2313 7000

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