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Hydraulic Filtration Product Guide Spin-ons • Cartridges • In-tank • Low Pressure • Medium Pressure • High Pressure • Duplex • Accessories Donaldson Delivers Performance Under Any Pressure! Clean, dry oil is essential for your equipment. Donaldson Company, a leader in filtration for over 100 years, has proven performance in thousands of applications – offering the industry's largest selection of replacement hydraulic, lube and gear oil filtration products for contamination control. Di

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Performance Curve Notes • All flow measurements were made with 32cSt [150 SSU] hydraulic oil at 100°F (37.7°C), fluid specific gravity of 0.9. • The performance curves displayed are for the filter, head or housing assembly. • Filter performance curves will either list media numbers or beta ratings (see circled areas on chart above). These labels correspond with the filter choice tables. Pressure Drop (AP) Correction Formulae To properly calculate pressure loss for viscosity and/or specific gravity, use the filter and housing formulae below to determine the clean filter assembly pressure...

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Hydraulic Filter Housing Selection Guide Locate the Donaldson model closest to the intersection of the maximum operating pressure and maximum flow rate. If there is not a model at the exact intersection, select the nearest series to the right or above the intersection to ensure a filter that is adequate to handle the maximum operating pressure and flow rate has been selected. Pressure families are color coded in the selection chart for low, medium and high model series. Filter housing styles are identified by their shape. Filter Housing Style Code Medium Pressure High Pressure In-tank...

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Selecting the Proper Hydraulic Filter Sensitive hydraulic circuits are vulnerable to a variety of contaminants that result in inefficiency, downtime and excessive repair costs. It is important to remember that protecting and maintaining the most sensitive components within a circuit will result in effective contamination control. With the broad range of housing styles and filters available from Donaldson, how do you choose the right filter to reliably protect your systems and equipment? Follow these recommended steps to identify the correct Donaldson filter and parts required for efficient...

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Hydraulic Filtration Product Guide Table of Contents This publication contains a wide selection of standard and custom hydraulic filtration assemblies for equipment manufacturers – and replacement filters for both Donaldson housings and those produced by other manufacturers. Donaldson assemblies and filters can be used in both mobile and stationary equipment applications. For custom hydraulic filtration systems, please contact your Donaldson supplier. PRODUCT INFORMATION Hydraulic Filtration •

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Product Line Overview Comprehensive Hydraulic Filtration Solutions Low Pressure Filtration Low pressure filters are the most commonly used type of filter in hydraulic circuits, used most often in return line applications. Donaldson low pressure filters are rated for working pressures up to 350 psi (2400 kPa). In-tank and in-line configurations are available to accommodate virtually any application. Medium Pressure Filtration Medium pressure filters can be used in applications up to 2000 psi (13790 kPa). Donaldson offers both spin-on and in-line cartridge-style filters. Donaldson Duramax®...

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Model Max Flow Max Pressure Porting Size Options Page Spin-on Filters

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Product Line Overview Comprehensive Hydraulic Filtration Solutions Off-Line Filtration The Donaldson Filter Cart, Filter Panel and Filter Buddy™ offer convenient off-line filtration, flushing and fluid transfer. Use them with your industrial and mobile equipment to achieve and maintain proper ISO cleanliness levels. Filter Cart Designed with performance, convenience and safety in mind. Includes value-added features to protect your machinery and equipment from breakdowns caused by contamination. Filter Panel Provides fixed/mounted offline filtration and a turn-key approach to supplemental...

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Accessories for hydraulic circuits, lines and reservoirs that will help you maintain proper ISO cleanliness levels. Filter Service Indicators • Service indicators to maximize filter life Hydraulic Line Accessories • Pressure gauges for monitoring system pressure • Hoses and test points for sampling oil and determining ISO cleanliness levels • Flanges to connect components • Valves for system control Reservoir Accessories • Suction strainers help protect pumps from damage • Diffusers for reducing aeration, foaming, turbulence and noise caused by return lines • Sight and level gauges...

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Hydraulic Filtration Solutions Engineered for Today’s Industrial & Mobile Equipment The best solutions for clean, dry oil. Count on Donaldson to have the right filters, contamination control products and services to protect critical components in hundreds of applications – in the factory and on heavy-duty mobile equipment. When you need hydraulic filtration, Donaldson delivers. Full-Product Range Expert Technical Support High-Performance Filtration The industry’s largest selection of in-stock filters and accessories –manufactured with consistent, high-quality performance. Prompt, accessible...

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Hydraulic Filtration SolutionsEngineered for Today's Industrial & Mobile Equipment any Performance Under Pressure • Low, medium and high pressure filtration • Hydraulic line and reservoir accessories • Spin-on, cartridge and in-tank style filters • T.R.A.P.™ reservoir breather technology Off-Line Filtration Filter carts, filter panels and Filter Buddy™ handheld filtration. Water Removal Systems and products designed to prevent water ingression and remove entrained water. Vacuum Dehydrators & Coalescers Quick removal of free water, dissolved water, particles and gases.

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