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Donaldson Delivers Hydraulic Filtration Solutions for Mobile and Industrial Applications Spin-ons • Cartridges • ln-tank • Low Pressure • Medium Pressure • High Pressure • Duplex • Accessories

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Hydraulic Filtration Solutions - 2

Filtration Solutions Engineered for All Types of Equipment The Best Solutions for Clean, Dry Oil Donaldson hydraulic filters and accessories reduce a broad range of contaminants to keep sophisticated equipment running smoothly, resulting in efficient systems with superior performance - in the factory and on heavy-duty mobile equipment. Comprehensive Product Line Donaldson has proven performance in thousands industry's largest selection of replacement hydraulic, lube and gear oil filtration products for contamination control. Hydraulic Filter Pressure Gauges Medium Pressure Hydraulic Filter...

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Hydraulic Filtration Solutions - 3

Your Total System Supplier Count on Donaldson to have the right filters, contamination control products and services to protect critical components in hundreds of applications. Whether it's located outdoors on equipment or inside a crowded manufacturing plant, hydraulic components need clean oil for maximum life Return Line Water in reservoir tanks is a serious threat to hydraulic systems. Dirt, particles and microbial growth are also common contaminants existing in tanks Kidney Loop FULL PRODUCT RANGE The industry's largest selection of in-stock filters and accessories - manufactured with...

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Hydraulic Filtration Solutions - 4

Performance Underpressure Low pressure filters are the most commonly used type of filter in hydraulic circuits, used most often in return line applications. Donaldson low pressure filters are rated for working pressures up to 350 psi (2400 kPa). In-tank and in-line configurations are available to accommodate virtually any application. Medium Pressure Medium pressure filters can be used in applications up to 2000 psi (13790 kPa). Donaldson offers both spin-on and in-line cartridge-style filters. Donaldson Duramax®filters are the highest rated medium pressure spin-on filters available....

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Hydraulic Filtration Solutions - 5

Donaldson high-performance DT cartridge filters provide better protection from the particles and contaminants that reduce the effectiveness of lubricant and hydraulic fluid. DT cartridge filters feature an advanced pleat pack design and are engineered to fit many competitive applications. Using Donaldson Synteq™ media technology, these filters extend filter life, allow higher initial cleanliness and provide superior system protection. Full line of hydraulic in-line and reservoir accessories available, including advanced T.R.A.P.™ reservoir breather technology. Off-Line Filtration The...

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Hydraulic Filtration Solutions - 6

Hydraulic Filter Housing Selection Guide Locate the Donaldson model closest to the intersection of the maximum operating pressure and maximum flow rate. If there is not a model at the exact intersection, select the nearest series to the right or above the intersection to ensure a filter that is adequate to handle the maximum operating pressure and flow rate has been selected. Pressure families are color coded in the selection chart for low, medium and high model series. Filter housing styles are identified by their shape. Filter Housing Style Code Spin-on I ln-tank Housing / Cartridge /\...

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Hydraulic Filtration Solutions - 7

Selecting the Proper Hydraulic Filter Sensitive hydraulic circuits are vulnerable to a variety of contaminants that result in inefficiency, downtime and excessive repair costs. It is important to remember that protecting and maintaining the most sensitive components within a circuit will result in effective contamination control. With the broad range of housing styles and filters available from Donaldson, how do you choose the right filter to reliably protect your systems and equipment? Follow these recommended steps to identify the correct Donaldson filter and parts required for efficient...

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Hydraulic Filtration Solutions - 8

Hyilranl.c hill uliii.-i Hydraulic Filtration Product Guide When you need hydraulic filtration systems for new and existing equipment applications, consider Donaldson as your single source. Donaldson filters and accessories are the best way to protect equipment and hydraulic-powered vehicles of all shapes and sizes - no matter the industry. See the F112100 Hydraulic Filtration Product Guide for complete details on our product offering. Single Filtration Source Donaldson has lube, fuel, coolant and air filters for all types of vehicles and equipment. Global Presence with Local Touch...

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