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HPK05 - 1

Rated Static Burst to: 6000 psi Features High Pressure Filters The HPK05 high pressure filter series is made of ductile iron and steel for strength and durability. Machined bypass valves are case-hardened at critical points to provide maximum strength and reliability. Reverse flow bypass valve allows bi-directional flow through the filter head, with head-up or head-down mounting capabilities. Available with your choice of visual or AC/DC electrical service indicator; choose Viton® or BunaN seals. The HPK05 filters contain Synteq®, Donaldson’s exclusive synthetic fiber media formulated especially for liquid filtration. Beta Rating T-Type Porting Sizes Replacement Filter Length • 25.53”/648mm Standard Bypass Ratings • 60 psi / 414 kPa / 4.1 bar with reverse- flow check valve • No Bypass Operating Temperatures Element Collapse Ratings • 200 psi / 1380 kPa / 13.8 bar (standard) • 3000 psi / 20,700 kPa / 206.9 bar (high colla

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HPK05 - 2

Assembly - Side View Applications: High Pressure Circuits In-Plant & Mobile Equipment Hydrostatic Transmissions Centralized Lube Systems High Pressure Filters With 2 Visual Indicators With Visual & Electrical Indicators Torque housing to 75 ft-lbs. Bypass Valve Alternatives 6.81 3000 PSI BOLTED FLANGE CONNECTION 2" NOMINAL FLANGE SIZE BYPASS FLOW FILTERED FLOW 60 psi /414 kPa Bypass Valve with Reverse Flow Check Valve O-RING 1/2-13UNC-2B X 1.06 DEEP, 8 PLACES BACK-UP RING All dimensions above are shown in inches [millimeters]

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HPK05 - 3

HPK05 Components Head & Housing Assemblies Port Size4 Bypass Rating Assembly Number Media Number 60 psi / 414 kPa / 4.1 bar Reverse flow check valve Visual, Left side onaldson uses the inlet port as the reference point. “Left side,” for instance, means that the D indicator mounts on the side of the filter head that is on your left when you face the inlet port. V isual indicator is mounted on left side of the head; electrical indicator (P173929- 72 psid) is mounted on the right side. 3 ated as high collapse (3000 psi / 20700 kPa); has Viton® seals. R Reverse Flow Check Schematic Synteq®...

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HPK05 - 4

Performance Data For a full explanation of how our performance curves were derived, see page 228. 15 Pressure Drop (psid) Pressure Drop (psid) High Pressure Filters 12 Pressure Drop (psid) Pressure Drop (psid) HPK05 Standard 26” Element Only

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HPK05 - 5

Service Indicator Options Indicator Service Parts Visual Service Indicators Replacement Indicators Only Use with Bypass Valve Part No. Pressure of: Description P569632 High Pressure Filters 70 psi/4.8 bar indicator kit* Hirschmann receptacle 115 VAC/28 VDC, 2 amps Visual Indicator, bar style, 35 psid/2.4 bar Visual Indicator, bar style, 70 psid/4.8 bar Blanking plate 35 psi/2.4 bar indicator kit* with thermal lockout and surge control, Hirschmann receptacle, 115 VAC/28 VDC, 2 amps, 4 pin DIN 43650 Pop-Up Visual Indicator, 70 psid/4.8 bar 35 psi/2.4 bar indicator kit* Hirschmann receptacle...

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HPK05 - 6

Head Assemblies P165695 Reverse Flow Bypass O-Ring & Back-Up Kit P162860 BunaN P166010 Viton See Option Table (Includes Indicator O-Ring P161315 Fluorocarbon, Mounting Block & Hardware) High Pressure Filters Replacement Filter Synteq Filter Media Lenght 25.5” 648 mm Electrical / Visual Indicator See Option Table (Includes Indicator O-Ring P161315 Fluorocarbon, Mounting Block & Hardware) O-Ring & Back-Up Kit P162860 BunaN P166010 Viton Size 904 P161551 BunaN P163616 Viton Drain Plug Kit - oil before assembling

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