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FILTRATION SOLUTIONS FPK02 In-Line Cartridge Filters Rated Static Burst to: The FPK02 is built to withstand pressures upwards of 6000 psi (420 bar). It features a cast iron head and cold-extruded steel housing for ultimate strength and durability. This filter meets the HF2 in-plant automotive Bypass options include 87 psi/6 bar bypass, bypass with reverse-flow check valve, or no bypass. Take advantage of our mix and match system of in-stock heads, housings and cartridges, so you can get exactly what you need. You can also choose the media type and configuration that's best for your application. All FPK02 filters contain Synteq™, Donaldson's exclusive synthetic fiber media formulated especially for hydraulic filtration. Beta Rating Porting Size Options Assembly Weight Replacement Filter Lengths Standard Bypass Ratings • 87 psi Bypass with reverse-flow check valve Operating Temperatures Filter Collapse Ratings (high collapse)

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FILTRATION SOLUTIONS All dimensions are shown in inches [millimeters]. ssembly - Side View Servo Valve Circuits In-Plant & Mobile Equipment Power Steering Circuits High Pressure Circuits Long Housing Side View Indicator Plug electrical indicator. I dimensions above are shown in inches [millimeters]

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FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Standard Filter Choices Fluorocarbon Seal High Collapse Buna-N Seal Fluorocarbon Seal High Collapse Buna-N Seal Buna-N Seal Buna-N Seal Fluorocarbon Seal High Collapse Buna-N Seal Fluorocarbon Seal High Collapse Buna-N Seal Buna-N Seal Filter Notes • Refer to the table in the Technical Reference Guide for fluid compatibility with our filter media • If you're filtering petroleum-based oil, filters with seals made of Buna-N are appropriate for most applications. • If you're filtering diester, phosphate ester fluids, water glycol, water/oil emulsions, and HWCF over...

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FILTRATION SOLUTIONS High-Performance DT Filter Choices Filter Notes •All Donaldson DT filters utilize glass fiber media with an epoxy-based resin system for the ultimate In chemical compatibility. •All Donaldson DT filters are potted with epoxy-based adheslves. • Standard collapse DT designs are double wire-backed using epoxy-coated steel mesh for maximum pleat support and dirt capacity. • High collapse designs are double wire-backed using stainless steel mesh • High collapse designs are also potted Into machined aluminum endcaps for greater filter Integrity In critical applications. •...

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FPK02 - 5

FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Performance Data FPK02 Standard 4" Filter Only FPK02 Standard 8" Filter Only Flow Rate (aDml Flow Rate (aDml

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FILTRATION SOLUTIONS When installing the FPK02 housing onto an installed head, torque it to 15 ft-lbs./2.1 kg-m. Visual Indicator remove only when installing indicator AC/DC Electrical

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