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Donaldson has established a global distribution network to serve our customers locally as well as worldwide. We operate as a global company with a network for primary distribution locations that support a mature hub of regional distribution centers and warehouses. Donaldson distribution centers are strategically located to quickly and accurately deliver filtration and exhaust products wherever replacement products are needed. We work with a network of transportation, third part logistics companies, consolidators, and cross-docking facilities to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. All regions of the world benefit from our global umbrella of distribution centers. We focus our efforts on local support and the capabilities of our staff. We continue to make significant investments in facilities, systems, supply chain relationships and staffing to offer the best order fulfillment options available. Donaldson Medium- and Heavy-Duty Exhaust Product Guide Global Presence with Local Touch Exhaust Product Guide for Medium & Heavy Vehicles & Equipment Mufflers • Clamps • Tubing / Connectors • Stacks / Tailpipes • Elbows • Hangers / Brackets • Shields This publication contains a wide selection of standard mufflers and exhaust components for diesel-powered vehicles and equipment that operate in a variety of conditions. For assistance, contact Donaldson or your local Donaldson distributor. Donaldson Company, Inc. PO Box 1299 Minneapolis, MN 55440-1299 North America 800-374-1374 Mexico +52-449-910-6150 Latin Am. +52-449-910-6150 Brazil +55-11-2119-1604 Europe +32-16-38-3811 www.donaldson-filters.com www.donaldson.com South Africa +27-11-997-6000 South East Asia 65-6311-7373 Greater China 852-2405-8388 Japan 81-42-540-4112 Australia 61-02-4350-2033 India +91-124-2290060 Catalog No. F110028 (10/10) © 2010 Donaldson Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Donaldson Company, Inc. reserves the right to change or discontinue any model or specification at any time and without notice. Printed in the U.S.A. November 2010 Distribution Centers Distributed by:

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FILTRATION SOLUTIONS MEDIUM- AND HEAVY-DUTY EXHAUST PRODUCTS Our innovative products solve complex filtration and exhaust system challenges that improve people's lives, enhance engine expertise, superior customer support and vast network of locations around the world to meet your toughest needs -from initial system design through replacement products. This publication contains a wide selection of standard exhaust components for both original equipment manufacturers and replacement parts for existing diesel-powered vehicles and equipment that operate in a variety of conditions. For...

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Exhaust Product Line Mufflers, Characteristics & Replacements FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Better fuel economy and efficient engine performance Aluminized Steel Delivers long service life and Lightweight Construction Minimizes stress and vibration High Temperature Paint Available on select product. Paint adds corrosion resistance Donaldson Mufflers Donaldson exhaust systems are original equipment on most pre-2007 medium- and heavy-duty trucks manufactured in North America. Donaldson engineers work with many OE truck and off-road equipment manufacturers to design and build quality exhaust systems...

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#gJ Doi^dson. Exhaust Product Line Exhaust Configurations, Muffler Styles, Materials & Accessories Exhaust System Configurations Outlet/On Center Side Inlet/ Side Outlet Exhaust Product Materials A number of different materials are found in exhaust systems. Often different options are available for use in a single application. Since materials vary in strength, corrosion resistance, and price, a particular material may be preferred in individual applications and components. Some of the most common materials, their qualities, and their typical uses are listed in the following table....

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Expanded Catalog Content & Where to Buy New & Expanded Catalog Content This edition of the Donaldson exhaust catalog includes the following additional information: New Heavy-Duty Accessories OVERVIEW Newer and/or retrofit emissions systems weigh considerably more than the traditional OE exhaust system and require new mounting hardware to accommodate the extra weight. Our more popular heavy-duty brackets and clamps have been added. Muffler Dimensions & Specs The estimated sound reduction (attenuation range in dbA) for all Donaldson mufflers has been added to the muffler selection tables...

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FILTRATION SOLUTIONS From Silencing to Emissions Reduction NOISE ABATEMENT - When exhaust was about silencing -- we led the way! Frank Donaldson sold enough mufflers in 1951 to open our first exhaust manufacturing facility in Grinnell, Iowa in 1952. In the 1960s, sound meters were used to measure noise levels (see image on right). Donaldson is one of the first manufacturers to introduce the use of aluminized steel in exhaust systems. Donaldson introduces mufflers with integrated ejectors and wrapped mufflers. Wrapped mufflers reduced the overall exhaust system noise and the exterior body...

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Diesel Retrofit Emissions Solutions FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Governmental regulations across the globe are being implemented that reduce diesel emissions. These regulations affect both OE manufacturers and end users. Donaldson works with both OE manufacturers and fleets to design innovative, customized solutions. (See Shoptalk section for Diesel PM limits and global emissions In order to meet retrofit emissions regulations, diesel-powered vehicle owners around the world will be faced with major business decisions to become compliant with current regulations; choices include retrofit, refuel,...

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FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Engine Exhaust Flow Rate & Airflow Calculations engine airflow rates, Donaldson recommends using supplied by your engine Engine Exhaust Flow Rate Calculation Exhaust flow rate may be calculated using the following formula. Exhaust temperature and intake airflow rate must be determined to calculate the exhaust flow rate. Exhaust temperature and manufacturers maximum backpressure may be approximated using the chart on the right. Intake Airflow - Exhaust Flow Engine Type Diesel 2-Cycle Naturally Aspirated = 900° F 4" Hg Diesel 4-Cycle Naturally Aspirated = 1000° F 3" Hg...

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