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Engine Liquid Filtration Guide for Medium & Heavy-duty Engines, Vehicles and Equipment Donaldson Delivers! When you need fuel, lube oil or coolant filtration systems for new and existing engine applications, consider Donaldson as your single source. Our solutions enhance your equipment design, protect your engine components and can improve your overall vehicle maintenance experience.

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WE RAISED THE STANDARD IN FILTER PERFORMANCE. SAY HELLO TO DONALDSON BLUE. You'll recognize the ultimate in heavy-duty engine filtration solutions. They're Donaldson Blue™ With industry-leading technologies like Synteq XP™ media for fuel and Ultra-Web® media for air filters, you can trust Donaldson Blue to clean in the harshest environments. Blue Proof your equipment with proven performance that pays off. Donaldson. BLUE" Further product details are available on pages 76-77 (fuel), 84-85 (lube) and 112 (coolant).

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Engine Liquid Filtration Product Guide Table of Contents Contamination control is critical for diesel engines Diesel engine technology continues to evolve quickly in response to increasingly stringent emissions standards. Today’s engines now operate at much higher temperatures and under much greater pressures. Because tolerances have become tighter, contamination control for fuel, lube, and coolant systems is critical. Donaldson offers advanced filtration solutions for all engine liquids. This product guide helps to identify the filtration challenges faced by modern engines and offers a...

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Informative Filtration Knowledge from Donaldson Engineers Filtration is our Singular Focus Our focus on filtration began in 1915, when Frank Donaldson created the first air filter for a heavy duty engine. The business has grown steadily, highlighted by the introduction of our first liquid filters over 40 years ago. Today we offer a full portfolio of fuel, lube and coolant solutions for a wide range of on and off-road engines and equipment. This century of filtration experience is an advantage to our customers. For fleet/equipment owners or original equipment manufacturers, we know what...

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levels. This filters than filtration. New engines have higher operating temperatures. EGR engines are producing higher soot and acid requires higher efficiency in years past with the same or longer life. Learn about standard versus extended drain options for preventative maintenance, and the filter media available for full flow or by-pass filtration. Whether you're strictly an aftermarket consumer of filters or an engine or equipment OEM, Donaldson has options for you. What's Right for Your Engine? As you develop the future design of your engine or application, it is important to consider...

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Filter Media Technology OVERVIEW for Filtration Performance Donaldson Media Formulations Set the Standard for Filtration Performance! Donaldson offers extensive filter media technology choices for liquid filters – over 34 different formulations. These formulations enable our engineers to develop filtration systems that exceed or meet a wide variety of customer specifications. Synthetic media captures more and smaller contaminants than cellulose media. When an application requires higher efficiency filtration than cellulose filter media can deliver, Donaldson uses synthetic media technology....

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Materials & Design Characteristics Designed for Durability OVERVIEW With quality systems and processes in place throughout our entire company, Donaldson customers have come to expect reliable performance and consistent quality. Baffle Plate The profile of our baffle plate makes our filters easy to install, reducing the chance of cross threading. Fully tucked seams provide added strength and durability. Inner Seals In spin-on filters, the inner seal between the baffle plate and filter cartridge is critical. Donaldson filters use a molded elastomer seal. Designed to withstand the unique...

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Liquid Filter Design Features OVERVIEW Heavy-duty Design Heavy-Duty Baffle Plate & Seam Most heavy-duty liquid filters made by Donaldson have an identifiable baffle plate. They also have open ends that turn up for strength and durability. Competitive products have baffle plates that turn down and in. Donaldson Baffle Plate Cross Section Tapered lead-in thread edge Rolled threads Inverted Baffle Plate Design Full tuck seams Competitive Baffle Plate Cross Section Anatomy of a Spin-on Filter Gasket Retainer Baffle Plate Inner Seal Inner Cartridge End cap Urethane or plastisol sealing Center...

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Liquid Filter Design Features Heavy-duty Design OVERVIEW Filter Media Curing is the process that adds strength to the filter media and ensures that filter bypass does not occur. Donaldson cures filter media while it is in a flat, pleated state to ensure consistent and even curing. Most competitive brands cure the media after the filter is assembled – leading to poorly cured media in a weakened condition. Uncured media has very low strength and can rupture easily when saturated with oil. Donaldson cures its filter media (on left) before the filter is assembled, as shown by the consistent...

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Custom Fuel Filtration Solutions OVERVIEW Synteq XP™ Media Technology What’s New In Fuel Filtration? • Customized media offerings to meet efficiency and capacity needs for even the most extreme operating conditions • Common interface can accommodate bowl and non-metal cartridge or traditional metal spin-on filters - Provides application flexibility - Minimizes environmental impact • Service choice based on local market demands increase customer satisfaction • Environmentally responsible – meets different global environmental practices through interchangeable bowl and nonmetal cartridge or a...

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Industry Shaping Filtration Technology Synteq XP™ Media Technology SELECT A HEAD Electronic Transfer Pump Hand Priming Pump Basic Head SELECT A FILTER Non-Metal Replacement Cartridge Traditional Metal Housing Non-Metal Housing Transparent Non-Metal Housing SELECT™ Fuel Product Line Features Synteq XP™ Media Technology Developed specifically to overcome the evolving challenges of today’s fuels. Donaldson’s ground-breaking Synteq XP filter media for Tier 4 engines takes fuel filtration performance to a whole new level by providing enhanced engine and system component protection options...

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